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As I’m living in an inspirational desert these days, I dragged out an old favorite from Thanksgiving last year. First published November 24, 2010.

Some things I’m very thankful for this Thanksgiving

My 21 year old daughter Jan, who will graduate from Northwestern College in St Paul December 17 with her undergrad in social services–the youngest of our 4 kids will graduate first, and a semester early no less. Ricky’s 22 year old daughter Marsha, who will graduate from Concordia this May with her pre-vet degree, currently applying to veterinary schools with an intent to get her doctorate in veterinary research.

My son Peter, who finally found his groove and is an A student in civil engineering at NDSU, and Ricky’s son Greg–a stay at home dad who is raising two beautiful grandbabbies–4 year old Bobby and 2 year old Cindy.

I’m thankful we both work in professions where the work environment is happy and fun; and we make a positive impact on the community and hundreds of people we work with. I’m not only thankful for, but admire and respect those who work in health care and emergency services–the difference they make in peoples lives is exponentially more than Ricky and I ever could. I cannot imagine the emotion they must deal with on a daily basis. As fathers, we could not be more proud of the noble professions our kids are embarking on.

And some things I’m super-thankful for:

Just for Men hair color and beard color in natural light brown #5. It took me five years to figure out the hair color and the beard color actually matched by number. I just always bought the box with the guy I wanted to look like.

I am thankful that after 8 years, Ricky still fits into the tux he wore for our wedding and looked stunning at the charity ball last week.

I’m thankful I’ve started to bulk up after using the bike Ricky bought me for my birthday.

And I’m thankful I have a forum to share all this stuff. Remember, the gays are just like everyone else. We just have cleaner cars, greener lawns, and ultra-glam lives.

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    1. I’ve always referred to us as ‘the gay Brady Bunch’ because of our blended families. My Scandinavian ancestry means my kids are blue eyed blonds, and Ricky’s Irish/Italian heritage means his kids are fair skinned with thick lustrous dark hair. Kind of like real Brady Bunch.
      We got married in Winnipeg at the Unitarian Universalist Church, with Ricky’s 80 year old parents from Tulsa in attendance as well as kids and family from around here. His mom always referred to me as her youngest son. I encouraged her to refer to me also as her favorite son, and every once in a while she did.

      1. Awww….sounds like you had a pretty neat wedding and I’m happy to see your families are supportive of you.
        My best friend’s son and his partner went out to the East coast this last summer to get married.
        They’ve been together 25 years so, they thought it was time to make it official. 😉
        Just too bad they couldn’t have done it in MN. 🙁

  1. Mac, Thank You for having a Special Site where some of us can come and hang out together to just shoot the breeze about life, love and likes……
    It is a refreshing oasis for Positive thoughts, light humor and gentle ribbing.
    Katydid, I thought it was just me noticing the ‘brady bunch’ theme. Then I read your comment 😉 The funny part is That started Long before Ricky and Mac met….lol. Can’t wait for more installments!
    Ricky looks HOT in his tux!
    This site is now on My list of Favorite Things…..

  2. Have y’all ever been to a Nudie Ranch? Looks like the bike guy is at one…..I’ve never been. Not even to a Nude Beach… I missing out?????? I don’t think they are real popular up North, or I’m just not privvy to the 411. Wonder why That would be hahaha

    1. Never been to a nude anything. I did hear that there was a naturalist camp somewhere down by the cities but, don’t know anything else about it.

      1. The subscription is cheap compared to what you pay for a Hallmark card, plus….bonus….no postage required! You have Unlimited Access to the site and can send as many cards as you want. She is located in the United Kingdom. There is attention to Every Detail. At one point the kitty sits on a leaf and when she gets up, the leaf is still there. I have come to note all of those Details that are completely consistent over the years. And I love the choice of music…..especially the kitty and the painting one.

    I have to say I am more than a Tad Surprised at all the Unnecessary Personally Rude Comments being made on the Area Voices. I do look a Mac’s Site and those of Others who Choose to start their own discussion areas from their private page as an Oasis that should be Respectful and hope that Spats members have will not be brought here…..OR to any discussion area other members start from their Personal Page. It is my belief these separate discussion areas should be a place those of Truly Like Minds can relax and enjoy the camaraderie and leave the spats, disagreements etc. to the regular area voices Article Discussions. Thanks for listening…..

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