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Part of the reason I started writing this was in response to the sexuality statement adopted by the ELCA. Having grown up Lutheran, I was really pleased to hear the church was moving in what I consider the right direction.

To get an understanding of what some of the other Christian Churches were thinking, I started researching some of their websites.  The findings were surprising, even by my cynical standards.

Out there is an unbelievably HUGE number of congregations who have a “Click Here” button to link you to a certain page on their site.  Lots of them had ones for youth ministries, young parents groups, volunteer opportunities, study groups and so forth.

A significant number also had only one “Click Here” button.  And that button linked the reader to the church’s position on sexuality.  It was the position one would have expected: male, female, missionary.

How interesting is it that of all the social positions a Christian congregation could choose to differentiate itself in the world, so many chose sexuality.

Not homelessness. Not illiteracy. Not hunger. Not domestic violence. Not a single humanitarian concern to be found. It seemed the only thing these churches existed for was to renounce homosexuality. And to gather together as many people as they could find who agreed homosexuality was the biggest threat imaginable for modern humanity.

Today’s Gay Agenda: Be really glad there’s lots of Christian denominations who regardless of their position on sexuality, do lots more good in the world than these folks.

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  1. I feel that homosexuality is absoluely a sin against God. It is an act against design, whether you believe in intelligent design or not. While, it is identified as wrong in the bible, Christ is never quoted speaking against homosexuals or homosexuality. His words do often speak of greed, money, wealth, rich & poor, hypocrisy, false piety, pride, taxes………but, not about homosexuality. I agree that congregations like to have a “them” to condemn. Those evil homosexuals. It’s easy to condemn someone else’s sin isn’t it? Then we don’t have to look at our own lives of greed, envy, lust and hypocrisy. Kind of reminds me of the model used by a certain political party for the last 30 years. Give the people something to be afraid of or hate. That makes up morally superior, right?

  2. Hmmmm….Mike. I think I agree with what you said mostly. If homosexuality was such a big flipppin’ deal I’m sure Jesus would have mentioned it.

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