I have met the anti-Christ and he has a radio show

Growing up in this region in the 70’s, there was an occasional church sermon about the end times, the mark of the beast and the anti-Christ.

All the debauchery that was becoming common place (divorce, drinking, drugs, homosexuality) was a sign of the end times. There was serious concern that the emergence of a symbol required to be placed on every product before it was allowed to be sold was the mark of the beast (barcodes) and that right now the anti-Christ was alive and launching his plan to take over the world.

I have since joined a more moderate mainline Christian church.

Recently I’ve given some thought to the idea that we maybe really are living in the midst of the anti-Christ. But rather than some dark middle eastern stereotype villain that we might expect, what if the anti-Christ turned out to be one of these big-time evangelists that we see every day?

Think about it: the anti-Christ is going to appear as an angel of light, get all the Christians to focus on him, and then (attempt to) destroy Christianity and the earth as we know it.

Who in American society has done a better job of getting masses of Christians to focus on them than some of our modern day evangelists? Once everyone is focusing on them, they begin by dividing their flocks into categories of Christian; from lukewarm all the way to on fire for the Lord. Categorizing their sin from mild (forgetting to open the door for your mom) to hell-worthy (hmmmm, homosexuality comes to mind).

The next step is for the group to start categorizing each other and the world around them.

And before you know it, all the Christians are in an uproar, sniping at each other non-stop; one sitting in judgment on another that has exceeded either the quality or quantity of accepted sin levels. Each side googling Bible verses to support their point of view in an attempt to seal their place on Heaven’s guest list, and more importantly–their opponents exclusion from Heaven’s guest list.

To the casual and even no-so-casual observer, this seems to be what Christianity is all about. Some vicious people sitting in judgment of the world around them, and ensuring everyone knows how virtuous they truly are.

This sounds about as anti-Christ as you can get.

Today’s Gay Agenda: Keep picking myself up, dusting myself off, and going back at it with these folks. I think they heard wrong when God told them to hate me.

Stay tuned for: “You say potato, I say . . . you’re full of crap” Sunday December 5, and  “Do evangelicals have any idea what that word really means?” sometime.

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