Deck the halls

We spend alot of time talking about stereotypes and how they sometimes apply to us, and other times don’t even come close. There’s a perception that the boys tend to go completely ape when it comes to decorating their houses for Christmas.

We are guilty of that stereotype.

Ricky had to travel the first ten days of December, so before he left he made his annual pilgrimage to Baker’s Nursery, brought home a tree and looked at me with big puppy-dog eyes and asked me to please do some decorating while he was gone. To fill the lonely hours while he was partying it up in New York, Sniffer and I dragged out the Christmas decorations and got busy.

The first step is to load a tree to maximum capacity with ornaments, then arrange perfectly matched gifts underneath.  I heard some blurb on the news that ornaments should have some space to ‘breathe’ so they can be appreciated to their full potential. I immediately added six dozen additional ornaments after hearing that. The stars whimsically dancing around the top of the tree are a touch that delights and amazes everyone. People are impressed that I have the guts to use some thread and a thumbtack to hang stuff from the ceiling. Ricky buys all the 90% off weird Christmas wrap that no one wants at the end of January, and everyone thinks it’s ultra-exotic the following season—–wraps in taupe, brown and copper shock and amaze straight people who are used to red, green, silver and gold.

Who doesn’t love ornaments who recall fond memories? These two were given to us by some friends who thought the guy with the sunglasses and the martini bore a striking resemblance to me. I would agree.

And being one of the boys means tending to be incredibly creative and resourceful. Not only can I make a stunning centerpiece out of a rusty tuna can, some string and a glob of dryer lint; I’ve found a way to recycle the zillion ties Ricky and I own after years and years of wearing them to work every day. The “Christmas Story” leg lamp was a gift from my kids a couple years ago. They totally get me. Gotta love them.

Some more . . .

And more yet . . .

So, there you have a tiny snap-shot of what Christmas-time looks like in the home of a couple old guys who love great parties, great friends, lots of decorations, and each other.

Today’s Gay Agenda: Wonder when the thighs of steel are going to appear after lugging all those tubs of decorations up from under the basement stairs.

3 thoughts on “Deck the halls”

  1. Gorgeous tree and kudos on the decorating and gift wrapping.
    The older I get, the less of that kind of stuff I tend to do.
    LOL, I made the switch to ‘gift bags’ years ago. 🙂

    BTW….I soooooooooo want that lamp. 😉

    1. Yeah, I’m kind of wearing out. Funny thing is, very sensible distinguished Ricky turns into a little kid at Christmas time, and loves having the house all decorated up.

      1. LOL…don’t get me wrong…I still love seeing all the decorations and fancy wrapping and stuff. I just don’t like DOING it as much any more. 😉
        If someone would come to my house and make it all purty like that, I’d LOVE it.

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