Please stop asking

History was made this weekend with the vote to repeal Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. There’s a great deal of comments and emotion flying around regarding this HUGE step forward to guarantee basic civil rights for GLBT Americans.

An interesting comment surfaced that gave me pause. Someone was very concerned that this was just another example of gays demanding and receiving special rights.

Actually, the repeal of DADT did exactly the opposite.

DADT defined and required special rights for gay service people. Granted, that special right was to have their career destroyed for dating and/or falling in love with someone of the same gender, but it was special treatment nonetheless, treatment not given to straight soldiers. That special treatment has been taken away. I for one am more than happy to give up that right.

Once again, the gay agenda is not about special treatment under the law, it’s about equal treatment under the law. Gays deserve to have their careers ruined for doing the same stupid stuff straight people deserve having their careers ruined over. Not for who they go home to at night.

Today’s Gay Agenda: Celebrate the fact that we’re one step closer to having a reason for me to stop whining about equal protection under the law.