Shhhhh, be quiet now.

The tragedies in this week’s news have given many cause to stop and reflect on how our words may affect the actions of other people. Whatever your political affiliation, if there’s one thing we all agree on it is the critical importance of freedom of speech (says the old homo in Fargo blogging from his kitchen counter.)

Monday evening’s national newscast gave me cause to reflect on freedom of speech and its much less talked about counterpart—-

Freedom to be quiet

A famous political figure employed the catch phrase “Don’t retreat, reload!” A cool statement that told her audience not to give up. It also had political adversaries portrayed/identified on her website with crosshairs on a map. A perfect marketing blip that fit with her out-doorsy, one-of-the-guys, we’re-sick-of-this-crap image that has captivated and, at times, refreshed America. In spite of the fact we’re political polar opposites, her no-bullshit attitude is a breath of fresh air coming from a political party I find especially malodorous.

The newscast said that her spokespersons indicated that the images were not that of crosshairs, but that of location identifiers commonly used on various map sites.

Are you kidding me?

If these were simply innocuous commonly used map identifiers, why were they scrubbed from the site moments after the tragic shooting?

To any ultra-conservative reading this: it is this type of behavior that makes moderates and liberals think you’re arrogant buffoons that consider all of America stupid and beneath you.

It would have been infinitely better to scrub the site and be quiet than lie to America. It is for this very reason we do not trust you or listen to anything (even the good stuff) you say.

Today’s Gay Agenda: Try to recognize opportunities to practice what I preach and shut up once in a while.

6 thoughts on “Shhhhh, be quiet now.”

  1. HHmmmm, some interesting thoughts. I’ve never been told I’m trying to portray an Opie Taylor image, generally it’s been a bit opposite–at times I portray life as one big cocktail party. Nothing but shopping and sports cars; beaches and botox. Interesting perspective . . .

    One of the things I learned blogging is to not use the word ‘hate’. It shuts down the listener/reader to hearing the message your communicating and comes off as shrill and paranoid.

    Another would be that I’m finding the number of people threatened by gays to be shrinking dramatically, and their voices louder and angrier.

    And much scarier.

    1. You can fill warehouses with stuff I don’t understand, and this would be one of the things going in there. There probably are all kinds of trolls manipulating posts and tattling to the moderators and so forth. I can just so barely manage my real life and this blog life. That’s part of the reason why I never change my avatar. Seldom delete comments unless I’ve said something totally dumb. Same old homo mac here again and again. Sighh. Yup, there’s some commentators I follow pretty closely, partly because they have some relevant stuff to say. Even if I don’t agree, I tend to learn a thing or two.

      I just really enjoy spirited discussion and too often antagonizing a few people whose point of view is so very extreme (in my opinion). I’ve been giving some thought to ultimate goal: is it for these types to go away, or is it my goal they’ll lighten up? I’m thinking my primary goal is they’ll lighten up and if they cannot lighten up, at least stay around so I can try to understand what makes them and their buddies tick.

      1. A sidebar–a commentator wasn’t pleased I moved a comment on my areavoices page to this page. I did this without specific permission since it was directed at this post, but decided to delete as she had a less than positive response. So, some of these responses may make no sense as the comment being replied to is not here. Sorry.

  2. Mac, sometimes there’s just no figuring out what makes some people tick. For as long as I’ve been posting to different threads, some things make no sense to me.
    I’ve tried going head to head with some, teasing others, but nothing seems to make any difference to the stubborn, closed-minded individuals.
    The only thing I’ve learned is that there are just some people who are so set in thier ways that an earthquake couldn’t change them.

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