The same, only . . .

Ricky and I just got back from visiting some place I’ve never been before. It made me think of this post I wrote after returning from Guadalajara & Puerto Vallarta . . . .

Humans are hard-wired to think different = bad. It’s believed to be a safety mechanism that has helped humanity continue through the ages.

Part of the reason I started writing TGA is because different doesn’t always = bad. Sometimes it just means different. Sometimes it means okay. Sometimes it can even mean better.

For a number of reasons, I have been fortunate to travel more in the past 5 years than in the previous forty, and some glaring similarities throughout humanity have caught my attention.

For what it’s worth . . . .

Every city I’ve visited has a beautiful place of worship in the very center of town. It seems when people decided they liked the place, the first thing they did was build a beautiful church. Then they built a performance center and then some type of a museum.

People build beautiful, serene parks filled with granite and statues to honor their loved ones who have died.

People like shiny things. And they like to eat food on a stick.

People like to sell crap on the streets, and people like to buy the crap to amuse their kids, or to haul home as souvenirs.

People like cars, especially red cars and convertibles. Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz, and Chevrolet are on every street, everywhere.

There’s always a gaggle of school-girls in plaid skirts and knee socks giggling their way down the street at lunch time or at the end of the school day.

Every city has a town square or a promenade where people go to hang out together.  They go there to socialize as well as to see and be seen. (In the Midwest, we call them shopping centers.)

Family units almost always have an old person with a care-worn face who rules the clan with an iron fist and a heart of gold. They’re generally very small individuals who carry the weight of the world upon their tired shoulders.

There’s always a big, burly dad with a beautiful baby sleeping on his shoulder.

There’s always a pack of teenage boys with plenty of bravado and too much hair goop.

And there are always beautiful girls in very short skirts and very high-heels.

Today’s Gay Agenda: Reflect on the fact that every one of the tens of thousands of people we’ve encountered the past couple years have loved ones, and priorities, and people relying on them, and probably some type of spirituality that is as right to them as my spirituality is to me.

Sometimes, different is simply different. Nothing more, and most certainly nothing less.

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