Old ladies at the beach

Ricky and I have turned some invisible corner this past year. This became disturbingly apparent as we relaxed at the beach in Puerto Vallarta. We don’t know exactly when or exactly how, but something changed in a very drastic way.


We’ve gone from debonair worldly homos-d-jour to a couple ol’ ladies.

Some examples:


We now split a lunch because it’s just too much.

Not too much money,

too much to eat.


It seems the best use of spray-on sun block is not simply

for the convenience of all over application–

it keeps our thinning scalp from getting burned without ruining our coiffures.


We purchased decorative fruit at a tourist trap

because it was shiny and amused & delighted us.


We come back to the condo to freshen up before hitting the late night scene, and take a moment to check messages.

Then decide to just stay on the sofa.


Then go to bed at 10.

I know you were all looking for some outrageous escapades from our time in Mexico, but it looks like we’ll probably end up disappointing you as well as ourselves.

Stay tuned . . . .

2 thoughts on “Old ladies at the beach”

  1. As much as I have disagreed with some of your ideas, I actually laughed my a@@ off looking at those photos and your pithy captions! Middle age…’nuff said 😉

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