Cruizin’ on a Thursday afternoon

One of our favorite things to do in PV is to take a cruise down the south shore. There’s tons of companies that put packages together that offer whale watching, snorkeling, beach tours and of course plenty of cocktails.

I had plans to share stories of mad-cap misbehavior and debauchery from our gay cruise (aka fruit float) Thursday.

I’m sad to report otherwise.

In spite of 50 homos on a boat with an open bar; sunshine and 80 degrees; seven hours of cruise time yielded the following:

  • Discussion of the academic year between two college educators.
  • Lively discussion about President Obama’s recent decision to stop the Feds from defending DOMA cases.
  • Some chit-chat about the two degrees of separation between who-knows-who-from-whose hometown back in the USA.
  • I gained a better understanding of what a supply chain manager for a medical supply company does. And also a logistics coordinator for a publishing company in Boston.
  • These guys feigned interest in my description of my vital role in the service industry.
  • We even talked about the increasing retirement age, and the fact we’re glad we like what we do, ’cause we’re going to be doing it for a long, long time. We’re all worried about some dizzy queen sashaying in a trying to take our job because they’re half our age and will do it for half our salary.
  • And of course, there was a certain amount of woeful sighs between Ricky and I as unfortunately, certain individuals hadn’t read TGA’s swimwear etiquette.
  • There were also a couple of hair issues requiring thorough discussion at a later time.

To the outside (i.e. non-gay) world, I would suspect the thought of a fruit float with unlimited cocktails would most certainly turn into some horrific nightmare of filthy depravity.

On the contrary.

In reality, 50 gay guys tend to do what all guys sharing something in common do: chat about life, friends & family, work, and politics; while sucking down cocktails. Granted, the cocktails were probably more colorful and elaborate than the ones at Joe’s Corner Bar, but the boys tend to be more colorful and elaborate anyway.

Today’s Gay Agenda: Decide if I should go to the fake bake back home to maintain this golden glow. Try to understand if it’s the sunshine or the mojitos that are giving me this glow.

Stay tuned to learn the horrors Brad and Ricky are having to endure as a result of the recent economic downturn.

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