Missy B

While yakking with a friend about politics, I mentioned an especially venemous politician from Minnesota.  She’s made a name for herself by criticizing pretty much everything and calling for sweeping reform of America.  She especially hates the gays and is most certain we’re all planning to destroy her marriage, seduce her son and/or husband, and bring about the downfall of Christianity.

Let me assure all of America, if the gays had that much power and influence, these are not the things we would be doing. We would be doing our best to close bad buffet restaurants; cure all hair issues—-scalp, ear, nose & back; develop a pill that creates six packs (abdominal) and lobby to make all clothing, travel and entertainment expenditures tax deductible.

My buddy said I shouldn’t be so quick to wish her exit from the political arena.

Politicians like her exemplify the worst in her party.  The paranoia. The discontent. The moral & ethical superiority. They do a great job of pointing out all that’s wrong with America without really identifying any viable solutions, other than ‘change’. “It’s time for a CHANGE.”

They hog the spotlight and work their crowd into a frenzy, blissfully unaware that there are tons of people rolling their eyes and laughing at them. Many believe the harm they do to their party actually helps the moderates.

So today I say ‘Thank you Missy B, for making my cause so much easier to advance.  Keep on doing what you’re doing!”

Today’ Gay Agenda: Make a political contribution to Missy B from our joint checking account.  Wait and see if she’s too morally superior to accept money from two men.  Maybe she’ll convince herself we’re father and step son.

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