Bully for you!

‘Twas a very happy day to pull up In-Forum and read:

The Senate voted 36-10 on Thursday to approve the House’s version of the bullying legislation.

House Bill 1465 defines bullying and requires school districts to have bullying policies by July 1, 2012.

Of late, I’ve been following the opinion of Senator Larsen, who has been very vocal against such legislation.  I am a firm believer that everyone has the utmost right to their opinion. Even if it is as stupid as this  . . .

Sen. Oley Larsen, R-Minot, a vocal critic of the legislation, said aggressive bills to try to stop aggressive behavior in schools will be ineffective.

The bill has victims relying on the school to protect them from bullying and will promote a victim mentality that will handicap kids for life, he said.

Students need to know they will be bullied and learn how to handle those situations when they occur, Larsen said.

You know what cripples kids for life Mr Larsen? Growing up believing you’re worthless trash. Growing up scared. Growing up in fear of telling your parents you’re the loser that gets snapped in groin with a wet towel in the lockroom. Growing up thinking you’re somehow inferior and something’s wrong with you.

And that absolutely no one cares.

Today’s Gay Agenda: Be glad that we’re taking a step in the right direction. Try not to think about the fact our society has deteriorated to the level where we have to actually legislate decent behavior.

4 thoughts on “Bully for you!”

  1. I’m just so thankful that there are intelligent, compassionate, thoughtful people like you to speak out and say what I would like to say but always have such a hard time trying to articulate. The community needs more people like you. So, thank you!

  2. Hey sweetie….been a while since I checked in to ‘ketch-up’ hahaha. Indeed…I .remember growing up and Parents taught decent behavior simply by setting a Good Example and not letting bad behavior ‘slide’. And if they didn’t catch something….the neighbors did and were hot on the grapevine (and tin can) that led directly into your parents kitchen. hahaha Those were the good old days. What went wrong and when Exactly did it happen. Was I sneezing, blinking, have a Q-tip in my ear… that I missed it?
    I may not get here every week….but when I do it’s more than worth ‘the trip’!!!!
    I couldn’t think of a thing to say about your weekly Menu (truthfully I didn’t want to enter through all that mushroom soup goop) hahaha Cream of Celery and Cream of Chicken are actually MY favs (cream of celery in that mock chow mein with hamburger YUM)….
    And I Still Thank the Lord Ricky and you found each other!!!!

  3. Awww, you’re all too kind. I’m so glad that our legislators are taking this step to validate kids and set some boundries. Bullies don’t stop when they graduate high school, they continue on through life.

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