Yes Sir Elton

Like most of the great stories in my life, this one starts in, where else? a bar.

As you recall, Ricky travels alot for his work. I often tag along under the guise of keeping him company and ensuring he behaves. I’m quite capable of misbehaving enough for both of us, which allows him to focus on work.

Since my days of giving someone a ‘Hey Mister’ look and having a friend for the evening (wink-wink) are long passed, being able to actually converse with someone in a bar is now a big deal.

Which is why I love British bars. Everyone there speaks English.

If you can get past the snaggle tooth issues of Great Britain, there’s some really great people. Interestingly, the boys who cannot afford invisalign braces can still afford bleach-brite tooth whitening, so all those gleaming peaks and angles of teeth pointing in every direction turn their mouths into a veritable disco ball when they toss their head back and let out cackle worthy of a pre-Henry Higgins Eliza Doolittle.

It was in one of these bars, years ago we hit the holy grail of gay holy grails . . .

Back in the corner, almost unnoticed were none other than Elton John, his partner David Furnish and a worn out looking Boy George.

Never having been a shrinking violet, I joined their booth, yakked it up about what it was like to live in Fargo, and made friends w/Elton and David. ‘Boy’ was borderline despondent and I knew cultivating that friendship was pointless.

Next thing you know, we’re exchanging polite e-mails and chit-chatting about parenthood and their hopes of having a child.

We took EJ and BJ for a G&T at the HoDo on their concert tour here a couple years ago. (Elton John, Billy Joel, Gin & Tonic, Hotel Donaldson) It’s true that celebrities often go unnoticed in smaller cities since no one is expecting to see them, plus they tend to wear gobs of make-up before ever going in front of a camera.

Duh, who doesn’t?

Anyway, Elton and David’s wedding invitation came with a ‘and guest’ (imagine that!) so they dropped us a note, we bought some airline tickets and soon it’s off to London.

Today’s Gay Agenda: Make sure the guest room in the basement is tidied up since Kate wants to go wedding dress shopping in America! And to think, she picked FARGO!

2 thoughts on “Yes Sir Elton”

  1. I don’t want to know if it’s true or fantasy….I’m gonna bite….hook, line and sinker because the whole thing made me chuckle!
    I want to thank y’all for coming to the DNT and the Legalizing Gay Marriage Article with your Support. I keep forgetting Barb and Mac are off in the Fargo area. We had quite a few PRO comments light up in green but are taking some hits now. All in all I was impressed by some I don’t know who also came and made positive remarks. Gives one hope of a positive outcome for gays Everywhere, not just Minnesota.
    No Double Standards! A Fair playing field for All.

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