And the results are in!

This past week I’ve been very vocal about my concern regarding the priorities of Minnesota Republicans dragging out the tired old gay marriage issue in what would appear to be a red herring tactic to distract citizens from other serious problems facing the state.

To try to gauge what equal protection guys like me might be up against, I asked how people’s lives would change if suddenly Ricky and I had a valid state issued marriage license in our dresser drawer. I even kept the racy wise-crack “as if what Ricky and I have in our drawers is any of your business.”

I spent some time on the blog pages, making comments so inflamatory that I feared I may be banned. I used words like “Republicans” and “Conservatives” and “KKK” and “Fundies” all in attempt to incite some remarks, get some idea of why the opposition believes as they do.

Over 1,000 people read TGA the past couple of days.

That being said, here are the results:

1 comment.

This issue does not need 1000 to 1 support to be soundly defeated. It needs more like 2 to 1 support to send a clear message. If each one of you 1,000 readers takes an opportunity at every turn the next 15 months to support equal treatment for all citizens, not just ones that comply with a certain religious point of viewthis issue can hopefully be settled once and for all.

Today’s Gay Agenda: Back off the politics for a while and spend some time talking about the ultra-glam life lived by two old guys, stumbling into the future together.