Don’t ask . . .

The past couple of days I’ve spent making wisecracks in response to remarks made on areavoices regarding the recent vote on DADT, which in effect kept this ridiculous law on the books. A law mandating denial can just never be good.

There were some really good points made regarding morale, distraction and group cohesion, especially as related to troops in high stress situations.  These points are hard for me to argue because I don’t understand this type of group dynamics. Some kind of made sense. I trust there are others who do understand these kind of dynamics, and that the repeal of DADT would not have moved this far forward if certain sensibilities at a very high level hadn’t prevailed.

What has been really disturbing is the dozens and dozens of comments surrounding shower facilities and the potential effect a homo in the shower would have.  My last wisecrack assured the group there was plenty of opportunities for guys to hang out together in a shower far short of signing up for 4 years of military service.

There seems to be this obsession with gay sex amongst certain conservatives that I find disturbing, almost creepy. Post after post after post referring to men in showers made me wonder just exactly how much time these folks spend thinking about men in showers, and maybe if they might not be better off reading their chosen religion’s holy book?

Ironically, the only two gays associated with the military that I personally know are women.  One left after nearly 10 years of service because, in spite of being asked innumerable times if she was gay, she still wouldn’t tell. Her life became so uncomfortable she finally left. So much for Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.

The other was a brilliant young woman who had achieved the dream of a lifetime when she was accepted to West Point.

The cadet code of conduct prohibits lying, and although she had never been with a woman, she knew her attraction may some day make that a reality. She declined her letter of acceptance because her character would not let her risk having to lie. Her family was devastated. She sadly remarked that she could be married to a convicted drug dealer or murderer, and that would have no effect whatsoever on her military service, yet the fact she may fall in love with another woman would end her career.

I don’t know why this should be o.k.