Happy Father’s Day

This Sunday morning, there are One Hundred Thousand children who are awaiting adoption.

One Hundred Thousand children who will not sit down and enjoy a Father’s Day bar-b-que or crappy restaurant buffet or whatever it is that Americans do to honor their dads on this day.

There are people who are working tirelessly to find homes for these throw-away kids that no one seems to want.

And there are people who are working equally hard to ensure gay people do not provide homes for these kids.

Occasionally a few homos here and there decide that there’s more to life than Baccardi and Botox; settle down and realize it’s time to make a difference in the world and share some of their stability and good fortune with someone other than Louis Vuitton, Tiffany, or Dolce and Gabana. They fall prey to that most basic human instinct of nurturing and loving a child.

Then they bump into someone of a particular religion who are quite certain God prefers children live in warehouses rather than with two stable and loving adults who are of the same gender.

They cling to the argument that gay parents will raise gay children. They are blissfully oblivious to the fact that virtually all gay people were raised by straight parents.

And this Sunday morning, they will say a prayer for all the orphans in the world who don’t have parents to love them and provide a home for them.

Then tomorrow they’ll write a check to support their political party to ensure these kids remain in warehouses rather than be raised by a couple of homos.

Today’s Gay Agenda: Warn south Fargo that calamity and devastation are about to strike: Brad’s kids, Ricky’s kids and the grandbabies are gathering for backyard debauchery to celebrate “Grandpa” and “Papa B” on Father’s Day. Call Ricky’s Dad and tell him thanks for giving a beautiful life to an unwanted child 54 years ago, and thank him for always referring to me as his youngest son.


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  1. Signed on to in-forum to check on storm news from last night…and ended up on your blog for the first time. Absolutely love it! Proud Parents of a Gay son….adopted as a baby.

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