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    2011 - 07.14

    Cameron, one of the guys on the tv show Modern Family said to his partner something to the effect of “Have you seen our den? Whenever I finish painting it I just start over again. It’s like the Golden Gate Bridge.”

    A buddy of mine told me my rooms seemed smaller, probably because of the many paint layers on the wall.

    Here’s the deal: I don’t mind painting and with my ADD I tend to get tired of colors fairly quickly.

    We’ve lived in this house for 6 years. Our living room is on its third color, the front bedroom on its fourth, and most everything else has had either had one color change or at least one if not two maintenance paint jobs.

    Ricky builds Tiffany reproduction lamps and tends to like deep, rich colors. I’m much more crisp and contemporary, so every shade of beige thrills me. I’ve been forbidden from (and I quote) “tauping up this house.”

    So the fact I tired of the cement gray walls in our living room presented a challenge. I want to paint a mushroom color (not to be confused with taupe :) )


    Today’s Gay Agenda: I’m thinking about the second from the top, or second from the bottom. Ricky’s being very supportive and saying things like ‘whatever you think’, and ‘if you’re happy, I’m happy.’

    He’s learned well.


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    3 Responses to “Paint the town”

    1. Tracy Briggs says:

      I like your “Today’s Gay Agenda” item today. My husband says the same thing to me. I think he learned it’s easier just to nod and say “yes, dear, whatever you want dear.”

    2. Barb says:

      I’m on year two with “Ripe Wheat” in the living/dining area, and have felt no pull to re-do. My problem is actually committing to a color and DOING it… which the still-apartment-issue-white walls in the three other rooms show all too painfully. :(

    3. Mac says:

      Barb, I’ve come to accept the fact that I can paint a room with $50 and one afternoon, so I’m at the point where the biggest commitment I have to make is enduring the ridicule of Ricky and our friends for once AGAIN, redoing a room. :)