All’s fair at the Street Fair

Fargo’s Street Fair is hands down, my must-do summertime event. Barring torrential rain, we make it down there at least twice every season.  Here’s some fun observations, for what it’s worth:

  • People will eat ANYTHING on a stick.
  • People who analyze the dollar menu at the fast food joint don’t bat an eye spending $6 for a corn dog.
  • Little white dogs on leashes turn into little gray dogs on leashes in about 15 minutes.
  • You can get quite a buzz if you stop and have a cocktail at each of the fine establishments along Broadway.
  • You become acutely aware of how long you’ve lived in a city by the number of friends you chit-chat with as you make your way down the street.
  • Unless it’s a Monet or Picasso or something like that, art’s value is strictly intrinsic. That being said, I’d recommend sleeping on it before spending over $300 for anything to hang on your wall that you buy in a tent.
  • There are some incredibly talented people selling stuff for a pittance. The mosaic artisan is fantastic and ridiculously underpriced. So is the guy selling metal sculptures, some of which would look even better used indoors rather than out.
  • The guy who uses a paper towel to open the door as he exits the men’s room in a fine restaurant just doesn’t care when it comes to using a porta-potty.
  • The same guy who requests a new napkin when his falls on the floor in a fine restaurant slurps every last drop of sour cream off his fingers while eating an Off-da Taco. And doesn’t care that anyone’s watching.

Maybe he doesn’t care everyone’s watching because of aforementioned buzz.

Today’s Gay Agenda: Make one last loop through the Street Fair. Get my final corn-dog fix until next year.