Let’s make amends

This week’s In-Forum contained an article regarding a survey outlining the percentage of ND households that are home to same-gender couples.

It’s a very disappointing 4 households per 1,000.

The usual on-line commentators gloated with delight at the miniscule number of same-gender households. One individual even likened it to ND having about the same number of gay households as pedophile households.

The analogy bears a direct correlation to the commentator’s intelligence.

But I digress.

So, I got to thinking . . .ย  a few years ago, 74% of North Dakotan voters were so horrified at the thought of less than one-half of one percent of the state’s population taking over marriage, they made it constitutional law that only opposite gender couples would be allowed to purchase contracts providing equal protection of existing laws to couples in long term relationships.

Imagine how disappointed all 6 gay couples in North Dakota must have been.

Today’s Gay Agenda: Shudder in fear that our next North Dakota constitutional amendment might outlaw taupe living rooms with brushed nickel accents, accented by low-voltage cable lighting showcasing tastefully arranged artwork.





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  1. It’s not that North Dakota is not “”gay friendly”. There is a lot of bigotry in North Dakota, and not just against gays. I don’t think of “diversity” when I think of North Dakota.
    And what is needed in North Dakota is diversity of opinions and tolerance, for starters.

  2. For starters the comment “Itโ€™s a very disappointing 4 households per 1,000” is obviously based solely on the opinion of one self pitying and self centered perspective. If your favorite color is pink are your constitutional rights violated if everyone in the state doesn’t claim the same favorite color? I think someone’s nylons are a bit bunched up this morning. Your group decides where they want to live. They have the whole country open to them. ND is one of the most friendly states in the country, and just because it holds less of this group does not mean there must obviously be some travesty or crime occurring here! I think you could make an argument out of anything. There’s obviously nothing here to cry about. It’s just statistics for God’s sake! Oh my. I hope I didn’t offend anyone by that blatantly religious based comment. Did you know some people must go to church just to try and be part of the big conspiracy against gays? wow.

  3. Comment above: “ND is one of the most friendly states in the country”.

    Yes, if you are white, Christian, and straight.

  4. Pink is my favorite color.

    My constitutional right to privacy might be violated if there were a constitutional amendment that prohibited the color pink from existing anywhere within the boundaries of ND.

    Insisting pink isn’t really pink, it can chose to be light red if it really tries and prays hard enough won’t be effective in the long run.

    Back to my post . . . I think it is absurd that certain groups get worked into a frenzy about homos getting married in ND, when there are clearly not very many of us. Stay out of my bedroom and my financial life and work toward something important like homelessness and domestic violence. The biggest risk gay people pose is that we make your husbands seem dull and your yard look crappy by comparison.

    As always, one million dollars cash to anyone who can tell me how allowing existing laws to apply to same gender couples would harm them, their marriage or their family. Offending their religious sensibility doesn’t count.

    1. Sorry, I wasn’t crystal clear. My rights might be violated only if the state banned the color pink. I don’t give a rats ass what anyone else’s favorite color is.

      Just like I really don’t care who anyone other than my friends and family chose to spend their lives with.

    2. As usual, Mac, you hit the nail on the head.

      “The biggest risk gay people pose is that we make your husbands seem dull and your yard look crappy by comparison” -Hilarious and true! ๐Ÿ™‚

    3. For starters, you are not entitled to the benefits offered to legally married couples (that implies one man and one woman not just any queer mixture). These benefits come in the form of tax advantages, insurance premiums, and many others. Get used to it. If you were than why not 3 queers who make a commitment to each other? Would you be prejudice against them and withhold them from doing the same? Would you refuse them their choice to love each other just as much? Would you allow any number of people to be legally entitled to taxpayer benefits just because they did each other? I’d imagine you don’t think much of legal ages either though you’d never admit to it so we won’t even ask. Your other arrogant comments about husbands who might seem dull illustrate your feelings of grandeur and show your stripes well. You are the reason why the majority of the country hate you and your kind. And you wear this badge whether you admit it or not.

      1. Face reality, opinionated. You are on the wrong side of history and justice. A majority of Americans favor same sex marriage.

        By the way, I am white, Christian, and straight. And I strongly believe in justice for all.

        And justice for all will prevail, not bigotry.

  5. I lived in a tiny rural town. As one of three single women under age 65 in town, I was looked at funny by both the women who were sure I’d steal their husbands and the people who decided I was secretly gay. I took to wearing flannel shirts with slutty low-cut tanks under them for a while, and nobody knew WHAT to think.

    One of them finally spoke up when I refused to sign the anti-gay-marriage petition the Catholic church was circulating. “Aren’t you afraid people will think you’re GAY???”

    I asked him if he wasn’t afraid so many people KNEW he was an asshole.

  6. Yeah, see, I don’t think of North Dakota as being a “dream destination” for same-sex couples to live out their lives together. The statistic doesn’t surprise me a bit, and I don’t lament it. Winter is a b-witch, and summer isn’t exactly comfortable, either. And there are many conservatives there, it’s true, because there isn’t much contact with people who are different than they. Hopefully that makes sense…

    1. You know, it really does make sense. I love living here for a number of reasons. In fact, we plan to keep our home here and winter elsewhere when we retire in 40 years.

      The reason I got started writing this was to show people that although we’re very annoying, we are basically harmless people. Also, it’s important to us that parents know their children can live really great lives (even in Fargo) if they are gay.

      That, and I’m really narcissistic and don’t get enough validation through other sources.

      1. You did hit the nail on the head finally mac. You are annoying just as you claim. Again, the likes of you turn the stomachs of normal Americans not because of any threat, not because of fear, not for any other purpose other than you are an annoying example who lives to flaunt its traits publically in a desperate attempt to get attention. I assume no one ever wanted anything to do with you so you latched onto whatever you could to gain recognition. Any port in a storm eh mac? That would be an indicator to more deep seated mental issues. And it would help explain your delusions of grandeur as well. If you ever wanted to be a success in this world it’s more about how you present yourself and how others perceive you. For this reason you may not ever afford to retire.

          1. Yes, I know some people like “opie” and their anti-gay stance I think is a symptom of a deeper problem.
            When someone has such vile opinions of anyone because race or sexual orientation, my first thought is, “what is REALLY bothering that person?”.

        1. @opinionated
          I’d be really interested in your definition of “normal Americans’. I’ve always considered myself pretty normal…or at least Average.
          I’m white, Christian, heterosexual, female/mother, widowed and come from a small town.
          I’m also a huge supporter of American ideals like “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” and “Liberty and Justice for All.”
          As a supporter of those American ideals, I pretty much have to support same sex marriage. Anything else would, in my mind, be UnAmerican.

      2. Yeah, my husband’s a narcissist, too. I’ve learned how to stroke ego without giving away too much of myself. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I do like your column and even your annoyance has its charm. And at opinionated: What is a “normal American?” Can you define that? Personally, I find people who seek out certain blogs just to make negative comments on them more annoying.

  7. We had a gay guy in our small town I grew up in. He was a very pleasant guy and nice to talk to. He was in charge of mowing lawns of various public spaces utilizing hired high school boys. He would make a practice of leaving his porn openly displayed in his back seat of his car and then ask his help what they thought of it. Needless to say, our small town had developed what I considered to be a disproportionate number of gay boys through the years. They were probably at 5%, many of them knowing how to mow lawns real well.

    1. I think the Bachmanns use straight porn as part of their repairative therapy, don’t they? That’s why I encourage all parents to purchase Playboy Magazine for their sons who are just a little too interested in helping mom in the kitchen. If they start commenting on the model’s hair-dos, I recommend moving on to Hustler or something more hardcore.

    2. @Henry. I wonder if you would mind explaining your post a little more because, it left me with some questions.
      Did you mean that
      a. because these young men were exposed to gay porn, they then became gay themselves?
      b. Because the man was a good role model and your community was accepting of him, the young men in your town weren’t as afraid of ‘coming out’ as most boys in small towns are?

      1. The man did a lot of service work in the community. He was not well respected by the younger folk at the time for certain reasons. Many who viewed his porn remained heterosexuals.

        1. So, your point . . . . ? I was under the impression you were making a wisecrack about him trying to turn nice looking boys gay, but maybe you were saying that when straight boys looked at attractive naked men that would turn them gay, and this guy knew it.

          Which is why I carried on with my ridiculous idea that putting a Playboy in every 3rd grade boy’s lunch box could eradicate homos in one generation.

          1. The point which I was previously quite clear on was that the small community I came from had a larger than expected gay population. I also pointed out that incidently, there happened to be a nice gay man in the community who left his porn for his help to see and promoted discussion concerning said porn. Did the gay porn convert some to be gay? Don’t know, too many other factors.

          2. Henry, do you think since he was a ‘nice’ guy that made it easier for these young guys to be honest with who they are? Could that be why the town seemed to have more gay guys than normal?

            I’m from a small town. When everyone knew who I really was it felt like a homo-epidemic struck the community. At least it felt that way. All of a sudden EVERYONE was owning up to who they are.

            (for what it’s worth, I think the idea of having porn in the back seat of the car where kids would have access is deplorable)

          3. “Henry, do you think since he was a โ€˜niceโ€™ guy that made it easier for these young guys to be honest with who they are?”
            That is a possibility. The other possibility is that they were converted by him to be gay. Who really knows?

  8. Wow Opie Read your post again, maybe again AND again. Don’t you see that your rant is actually quite self-descriptive? Annoying, stomach turning, desperately seeking attention, illusions of know-it-all grandeur. Perhaps you might step away from your computer and re-evaluate how you present yourself – I’m not sayin’ – I’m just sayin’
    xo to you sweet Mac

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