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    2011 - 09.12

    Many fundies are on vigil, watching for signs of the end of the world. I noticed a poster in Elm Tree Square announcing an upcoming Bible prophecy seminar.

    These people observe various natural or political occurrences, link them to certain Bible passages, and then do their best to warm humanity to change their ways lest the fires of Armageddon rain down upon the sinful United States.

    This year’s wild weather has received tons of attention from fundies and politicians who see signs of God’s wrath being wrought on us for everything from fiscal irresponsibility to the recent vote in New York to legalize selling contracts providing equal protection to all citizens, not just the ones fundies approve of.

    You do realize our dear friends 150 miles north nationally legalized same sex marriage in 2005?  As always, things in Canada remain stable.

    Wild weather is a result of various weather cycles that have been occurring since the dawn of time. It looks like some cycles are overlapping with others. I think it’s wrong for Republicans and Fundies to blame God for our recent terrible weather.

    Our financial crisis is a combination of a number of things, not the least of which is greed that was allowed to go unchecked as a result of certain laws. The idea that God would make old people lose their retirement life savings to guys like Bernie Madoff because God is mad at Steve and Bob for getting married is wrong on so many levels.

    Today’s Gay Agenda: Appreciate that God doesn’t need Brad to defend Him. Hope he understands that I’m sick of what fundies and conservatives are doing to a decent faith.

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    10 Responses to “Weather or not . . .”

    1. opinionated says:

      God Bless the USA and it’s marriage laws! Go back to your small and pathetic little lingren group and celebrate what you have in common like the week he set aside. It’s all you’ll ever have around here squirrel.

      • Mac says:

        Opie, I asked you a couple questions on a previous post . . . too impotent to answer?

        From what I gather, you’re harboring some resentment at the great life these two fags have built, knowing you’ll never achieve anything even close.

        Pity you could never put the energy you invested in hatred toward something that would do some good.

        Pity, really.

    2. Candyman says:

      I think you may have erred in your Bible Doctrine, “which not only will save you, but others that hear you too”…I Tim 4:16. God loves ALL sinners, including but not limited to GLTB ppl. However, if a sinner dies in his unrepented state, he will pay his own death penalty for his sins, which would be eternal seperation from God in the Lake of Fire that was not created for sinners, but for Satan and his demons. One of my favor chapters in the New Testiment is II Cor 5…esp vrs 21. I encourage you to read it.
      His Best,

    3. GradStudent says:

      It’s really sad that people channel so much negative energy through religion when it could manifest itself in so many positive ways… My husband and I both tried to “pray the gay away” in high school/early college, but found that our fellow churchgoers (ELCA Lutheran and fundamentalist Baptist, respectively) had no interest in helping. Instead, they seemed to gain a sense of solidarity and self-worth – even righteousness – in shunning and gossiping. Case in point at the top of these comments.

      Then again…they may be on to something – hear me out on this! Pat Robertson said that the ’09 flood was caused by gays. Perhaps my partner and I were the straw that broke the camel’s back, so to speak? My husband left his church and moved here in 2009… and the Lord immediately loosed his vengeful wrath in the form of a flood. We got engaged and the 2011 and another flood immediately happened. Clearly this is God’s way of saying ‘keep your hands to yourself!” 😉

      • Mac says:

        GS, I’ve never heard that perspective articulated just that way. Lots to think about. The mother of a dear friend used to say “I don’t care if people gossip about me, that means they’re leaving someone else alone.” You probably served a very useful purpose in your churches–lots of people need to feel superior. Actually, I’ve noticed almost everyone like to be the best at something or other. I find I get annoyed with those who choose being ‘sin free’ as their personal best. (I see a post coming up!)

    4. maverick says:

      I have never considered myself a fundie, or even close.. With that said, my sister and I were having a discussion several weeks ago.. And the topics of what is happening in the world this year came up.. If you are at all familiar with the book you are alluding to above, While I don’t believe that the end of the world is near, it does definitely seem to be season if you know what I mean..

      And no i’m not blaming it on you.. 😉

    5. Mac says:

      These days, when someone blames the gays for some type of calamity, I just look for the nearest group of fundies that were giving gays a hard time and assign blame to them. Example: some blamed New York’s terrible weather on the recent vote to legalize same gender marriage. I maintain if God was meting out punishment over that, it was because so much hate for his children was spewn forth by his supposed followers.

      • Barbara says:

        I totally agree, Mac! If calamities are going to set off some assinine blame game, all possibilities and all candidates should be considered. Personally, I just look at which group stands for love and fairness, and which group stands for judgment and hate (which is an abomination not only to God, but to humanity in general).