I think it’s over

Unless this is your first time reading TGA, you’re very clear I have a strong distaste for Congresswoman Bachmann. I’m also slightly ashamed that mine is a single issue opinion: she says horrible things about gay people on a very public level. I personally think she’s resentful because she’s married to a gay man. But that’s just my opinion.

This week she had the upper hand with Governor Perry, and she completely blew it by making up some crap and expecting everyone to believe it because she said it.

I think a woman did say something to the effect that her daughter experienced severe cognitive issues after being vaccinated. She probably even used the phrase ‘became mentally retarded’.

Not the point.

Two points here: Congresswoman Bachmann demonstrated her actions can be instantly swayed by someone who says something that clicks with her agenda. That’s fine if you’re Mac. Not so fine if you’re the President of the most powerful country on the planet.

Other point: Whatever you think of the Republican Party, the powers that be are pretty bright individuals. I suspect they’ve become aware they have a half-cocked nuclear armed rogue on their hands; and it’s proven almost daily the only consistency they can count on is her ability to say some outrageous thing that in about five minutes can be verified as crap. Again, regardless of what you think of Republicans, I suspect the powers that be are very methodical and earnest; and that they’ve had about enough of her surprises.

Today’s Gay Agenda: Try to imagine life under President Perry. Yikes.

5 thoughts on “I think it’s over”

  1. i can’t imagine she’ll quit sticking her foot in her mouth. there will be more damage to her campaign via her dumb comments as the weeks, months go on, and it will eventually do her in….i don’t see any repub candidates gaining traction…. come next november, we’ll have Obama part deux.

  2. The Republicans don’t have a good alternative yet, I will agree witththat. However, they still have several alternatives to queer tolerant racist president we have now. I can’t stand several things about Bachman but would vote for her in a minute before our black muslim racist leader whose trying to mortgage our country and socialize it.

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