Isn’t that Grand(e)?

Some of the very tiny amount of volunteer work I do in the community involved keeping up on the voting record of the people we’ve elected to represent the best interests of the citizens of ND.

Ms. Grande caught my attention early on because of the outrageous public statements she made regarding huge groups of people. Her voting record regarding any legisation surrounding equitable treatment for all citizens of ND is deplorable. (

It takes a certain amount of self-confidence to suggest fiscal responsibility would include reducing government support for the nursing home care of our aged veterans dollar-for-dollar for each dollar of donation they receive from the general public.

I suppose I should give her a pass on her position regarding divorce. As you may recall, she was at the center of legislation requiring mandatory counseling and a 1 year waiting period for couples seeking divorce.

Gotta love someone who is such an authority on what God had in mind, she’s comfortable in personally determining who can get married, who cannot get married; who can get divorced and who cannot get divorced.

Want to protect traditional marriage?

Ban divorce.


Ms Grande, North Dakota hasn’t even begun to recover from the Al Carlson national embarassment regarding UND. How much humiliation does our state have to endure because of busy-body, know-it-all nut jobs like the two of you?

Take a moment and read the comment boards surrounding your recent announcement. Like all fundies, you think the adulation of your simple minded followers is reflective of the public at large.

It’s not.

Today’s Gay Agenda: Why can we not identify a fiscally conservative, socially moderate Republican on the face of the earth?

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    1. Opie, Opie, Opie.

      How long is the list of shortcomings in a life that spawn such empty comments?

      Oh how I wish I could get a glimpse into your marriage and friendships.

      If either exist.

      (how much do you LOVE the play on words: long list of shortcomings. brilliant!)

    2. Opinionated, if you hate this blog so much, why are you the first to post on so many of the Gay Agenda blog posts? It’s one thing to “know thy enemy” but quite another to hurl vacuous remarks at everything they say. I’m not trying to belittle you – I’m seriously dumbfounded.

      1. Easy, so long as the squirrel chooses to pollute our local newspaper with his obnoxious spewing and whining I have a mission. Too many people wish he used Michael Jackson’s doctor but don’t respond to his gay tirates every week. His lack of taste and manners have just won him this badge of honor or shadow. So long as he continues to be the sameold desperate and miserable wretch I’ll do my best to share feedback. I might ask why is it so obsessed with trashing Christians and moral straight people at every chance? I just enjoy my hobbie I guess.

          1. Agreed, but then no one has ever earned over the line responses as much. Besides it was true. One could say since your agenda spends half its time over the line it’s earned any retaliation it receives. Again I’m not a Christian, but you are not even close to the honorable person you view in the mirror considering your endless and mindless attacks on their group. So you earn your negative feedback. You simply never learned courtesy as a child and now you reap the rewards for your contributions. Of all the gay people I know you are the one who does the most harm to their group.

          2. Now that I’ve stopped laughing I can type. Hi kettle, this is pot. As a child you never learned manners nor how to exchange ideas with making everything a personal attack.

            Opie, here’s who I think you are. No need to reply if you don’t wish.

            Kids grown up. They moved away.
            Wife sick of it all and left about 5 years ago.
            Bored in a long time job.
            Paid reasonably well in your opinon. Not rich, but no problem paying the light bill.
            Introverted in that you spend lots of time trying to understand why people are so stupid and not more like you.
            Struggles to have close friendships for any length of time, probably most under a year or two.
            If you have siblings, you don’t get along with them.
            Have 2 pair of jeans and a bunch of plaid shirts for off days.
            Khaki’s and more plaid shirts for work.
            Own 4 pair of shoes.
            Sensible car. Probably a Camry.
            Some wierdness with your parents, but can’t quite get a feel for what that might be.
            Live in a house built in the 60s or 70s. Needs a little updating, but basically nice. Might even be your parents house since your wife kept the house after the divorce (?) just guessing on that.
            I taunt you about being gay, but I don’t think you are. Still not quite sure why you hate gay people. Thinking maybe someone was unkind to you earlier in life. You say you hate us because we’re rude, but you’re equally rude. Unless it’s a self-loathing thing (?) Maybe you are gay and rude and consequently hate rude gay people (?)
            Alright, that’s enough of my time.
            Donate $100 to the charity of your choice as payment for my psychoanalysis.
            Peace Out.

        1. Opie (if I may refer to you as such),

          I think Mac was incredibly gracious with his assessment of you below. I would have kept it short and sweet – to me, you sound like a close-minded bigot with nothing better to do than spew negativity. But hey, at least you have four pairs of shoes and a camry. 😉


  1. Mac,
    Agree with you on this one.. She is one nut shorter than Bachmann. Her idea of supporting veterans is to cut the amount of funding they receive by the amount of money they are given in willed donations. While I agree waste, fraud, overspending needs to be eliminated I don’t think we should do it on the backs of those who have served and have allowed us to continue to remain free.

    Also heard today that supposedly she filed chapter 7 but she is saying that she can end the fiscal irresponsibility in Washington. How can someone who can’t manage their own finances manage the largest economic engine in the world?

    all I can say about her is /facepalm…

  2. “If this is going to be a Christian nation that doesn’t help the poor, either we have to pretend that Jesus was just as selfish as we are, or we’ve got to acknowledge that He commanded us to love the poor and serve the needy without condition and then admit that we just don’t want to do it.”
    ? Stephen Colbert

    How much do I love Stephen Colbert?

    1. Au contraire Kevin. I have a distaste for women ala Bachmann, Palin and Grande who are an embarassment to women in power.

      I’ve been saying go big or go home alot. There’s lots of women in power who are a credit to humanity and women in politcs. They’ve gone big and elevated status of women immeasurably.

  3. what is there 3 gay people in fargo? who gives a rip what you think.

    but I do agree with the Al carlson thing, awesome, he’s a moron, so is grande. Kalk should leave the way. peace

    1. Um, some people give a rip what i think because I’m a reasonably bright, thoughtful man who cares about the well being of the people around me. I tend to bully people who force other people to change the way they live and the people they associate with to suit some personal religious point of view.

      This is not to be interpreted as my bullying them to divorce their spouse and start going to my church before i will get out of their face. That’s what they do to guys like me.

      There’s also a significant number of people who immedicately discount my point of view because I share my life with a man.

      I’ll consider you a member of the latter. Peace baby.

    2. My 2 cents here. Or maybe $2. I’ve known Mac since he was 3 years old and have rarely seen a person who is more dedicated to understanding other human beings, foibles and all. He is a very much live-and-let-live person EXCEPT when it comes to some people harming other people. We supposedly have equality for all, but when our LGBT citizens are denied those rights (and all the attendant benefits thereof), it is a strike against all of us. It is a clear statement that some of us are less than others and therefore not deserving of equal rights. Do we want to keep the door to that nasty chamber of horrors open?

      The worst thing is, the next generation, our precious, still-developing young people, see this for what it is—ie: as some people being less than others, and too many of them respond by shunning and/or bullying. Their bullying is just a more overt form of what the rest of us are doing when we DON’T speak up for equal respect and equality under the law. Too many others (the ones designated as ‘less’) are consumed with self-hatred to the point of wanting to escape it all—permanently. Mac and many others see this disgrace for what it really is—unspeakably harmful to others.

      Who gives a rip what Mac thinks? I, for one, am thankful that such an articulate person is speaking up on behalf of a part of our population that is NOT harming anyone in any way.

      1. Well said, Barbara! I “give a rip” too! Fortunately, surveys are showing that a growing number of young people don’t see sexual orientation as an excuse to hate. Eventually the old haters will take it to the grave.

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