I’m Able, Candidate Cain

My buddy Brian Brown at the National Organization for Marriage is pressuring Presidential Candidate Herman Cain to sign his government sanctioned discrimination contract. I edited the form letter he asked me to sign and sent it on to Candidate Cain on behalf of the Naitonal Organization for Marriage


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GOP Candidate for President Herman Cain

Dear Mr. Cain,

As a man of color, I urge to to recall your experience growing up, and how ‘seperate but equal’ really meant neither.

Clearly you are old enough to recall being treated as a second class citizen because you were a negro, unworthy of the rights white people like me deserve.

Government contracts that provide legal and tax benefits to couples should be available to all couples, not just ones that espouse a certain religion.

Marriage is a religious ceremony.

Contracts thatย  state governments sell to people that provide state and federal benefits to couples should be for sale to all couples.


Today’s Gay Agenda: Hope my buddy Brian’s not too mad. ๐Ÿ™‚

4 thoughts on “I’m Able, Candidate Cain”

    1. I say we should change the ‘free lunch bunch’ to the ‘reduced price lunch bunch.’ Not as catchy a name, but it works.

  1. to Kevin: Under the guise of that remark, we really should quit paying for the “benefits” that heterosexual couples enjoy…after all it is free lunch from them at other taxpayers expense. Some of it is even their own money going towards the benefits they reap. Gay couples are only looking for the same “benefits” not special treatment.

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