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    2011 - 10.26

    Oh, my buddy Brian is in a tither. Today I received this letter from him:

    Brian writes:

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    Dear Brad,

    If you’re reading this email, I need your help today. Everyone.

    San Francisco liberals like Diane Feinstein can’t stand the fact that the American people have voted to protect marriage in 31 consecutive state votes. So they are pushing a bill in Congress that would do an end run on voters, repealing the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), jeopardizing every state constitutional marriage amendment and opening the door for courts to force same-sex marriage on the entire nation.

    Brian, Brian, Brian, I’m pretty sure repealing DOMA will not force same sex marriage on the entire nation. Trust me, gay people all chose to be gay; but it’s impossible for a straight person to choose to be gay.

    Now I get it . . . if same sex marriage is forced on the entire nation, that WOULD probably mean the END of marriage, since I’m pretty sure straight people aren’t too interested in the government forcing them into marrying someone of the same gender.

    I mean, really. Can you imagine the government deciding who you can or cannot marry?

    Well, I suppose you can.


    Today’s Gay Agenda: Just sayin’


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    3 Responses to “Brian, Brian, Brian”

    1. oh my, he is in a tither did you say? I hope that 10%er spits him out.


      I’m assuming you meant to say your buddy Brian was in a tizzy. Which he was. And now he is more so. ‘Cuz you called him on it.

    2. Mac says:

      You are correct. Clearly I merged ‘dither’ and ‘tizzy’. Slap me silly and call me Sarah Palin.