If I can’t get married, you shouldn’t be able to get divorced.

If Minnesota Republicans are serious about protecting marriage through making hate and bigotry constitutional law, they should rally behind what these California citizens came up with.

To each person who believes marriage should be only between one man and one woman, please take a moment to contact your legislator.  Let them know that straight divorce ends infinitely more traditional marriages than any organized (or even disorganized) group of gay people ever might be able to.

Unless of course, you don’t believe the government has a right to tell you who you can or cannot be married to . . . .


As always, please feel free to tell me how your life would change if Ricky and I had a marriage license in our dresser drawer. Assuming of course, what Ricky and I have in our drawers is any of your business.


7 thoughts on “If I can’t get married, you shouldn’t be able to get divorced.”

  1. This morning, as i read this, I just so happen to be wearing my rescuemarriage.org T-shirt. It says: “You Said Til Death Do Us Part… You’re Not Dead Yet.”

    1. rescuemarriage.org? Yeesh. The connotation is that marriage is under attack by an external threat. Even a cursory look at marriage statistics over the last fifty years would indicate that the vast majority of marriages fail because of an internal threat. rescuecommonsense.org would be a better group with which to affiliate yourself.

      1. Chris: Apparently the true meaning and intent of the RescueMarriage.org site escaped you. The man who started that movement is straight and married, but he wanted to do something to point out the hypocrisy of “saving” opposite sex marriage by denying same-sex marriage.

        I gladly supported that effort because the guy was thinking outside the box when it comes to getting equal rights for GLBT folks. At least he is doing something constructive, as opposed to sniping at other peoples’ efforts.

  2. Hey Mac, my wife used to work for IBEW 160 in St. Paul. Electricians Union.

    Recently, a lesbian electrician union member filed a request with the board to be allowed to cover her same sex partner under the union insurance plan. They voted to allow it.

    A gay male electrician union member then filed a request to be allowed to cover his same sex partner under the union insurance plan. They voted to DISALLOW it.

    I have 2 friends who live together but are not romantically involved. At all, ever. They have been roommates for almost 7 years. Again, not involved in a relationship other than friends and same living quarters. She covers him under her insurance.

    Things that make you go hmmmmmmmm…

    1. I’ll say hmmmmm . . .

      To write a successful blog, I’m told it’s best to stay on one very narrowly defined topic, which is why I go on and on about the same things.

      That being said, I’ve often sensed that society in general really doesn’t care about two women sharing life, it’s two MEN that get certain groups all worked up. If I were a smart guy, I’d dig into the psychological/sociological/biological reasoning for my perception (if there are any) but I had all I could do to SPELL those words, let alone do the research.

  3. I think there’s an unspoken belief that if a straight man condones intimate relationships between other men that he himself would consider one. Just a theory I have. Some men are so offended by the idea of other men, that they simply believe nobody ELSE should NOT be offended by it, and therefore it should be considered “wrong” for everybody. The arrogance is astounding, but that’s my 2 cents on it anyway.

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