Something’s missing . . .

Yesterday I casually scanned the tv news channels. Didn’t see much of anything.

Running errands I had the car radio on.


Of course I checked InForum website a number of times for updates.


And I continually checked my e-mail accounts for updates from my buddy Brian at the National Organization for Marriage.


On September 20, the repeal of DADT took effect and the military ended legal discrimination against gay and lesbian soldiers.

On Thursday, the senate judiciary committee voted to repeal DOMA and replace it with the Respect of Marriage Act.

I really expected those who lobbied so hard against the repeal of DADT to have dozens of examples of how difficult the transition had been. 

I thought there may be some stories of service men and women who now were dealing with unwanted sexual advances.

With all the predictions of near collapse of our military and national security, surely there must be at least one example worthy of national attention?,caption_pic.jpg

Veteran’s Day, 11-11-11 would most certainly have been the perfect day to showcase just how quickly a society crumbles when they stop discriminating against a class of people.

No one took advantage of the opportunity.

Granted, DADT and DOMA are essentially different laws legalizing discrimination, but they have basically the same end result. Legally denying protection of existing laws to a class of people, based almost exclusively on religious dogma, under the guise of ‘protecting’  American society.

Today’s Gay Agenda: Times, they are a-changin’. 🙂



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  1. yay for Bob Dylan lyrics! 🙂

    I have a good friend who is dating an active military guy, but when it comes time for him to spend time with his boyfriend he is his “cousin” because he doesn’t want any of the BS that may come up from other servicemen/women about being gay.

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