Eat your broccoli

Since The Forum shut down the comment boards, it’s been difficult to garner inspiration for blog posts as well as get a pulse regarding hot-topics in the community.

This morning, as I read the paper on line, I was shocked and horrified yet equally NOT shocked and horrified at the public poll going on right now regarding public art.

Does Fargo need more public art? is the question.

Early on, the voting was half and half. (I truly thought it would be more like 60/40 in favor of more public art)

Right now, the NO vote is in the lead.

Here’s the reality, people: The arts are the broccoli of society.

There is study after study after study (google it. i’m not your mother) that has proven time and time and time again that a vibrant arts community STIMULATES nearly EVERY SINGLE positive thing in society. Especially the economy. Even if you do not take part in or appreciate the arts, they make your life better. Even if you hate the arts, they make the things you like in life better.

Yet when the going gets tough, the arts are generally the first thing on the chopping block.

Today’s Gay Agenda: Citizens of Fargo, eat your broccoli. Even if you don’t like it or think it’s important. If you do, your houses will increase in value (communities with vibrant arts attract an influx of educated workers), your taxes will go down (larger tax base of higher wage earners), welfare payments will decline (see previous).  Plus, we’ll have something new to debate!

*Update: TGA has quite a few regular readers. Let’s see if we can make a difference . . . please log onto In-Forum and vote ‘yes’ on today’s public art poll.


4 thoughts on “Eat your broccoli”

  1. I love public art…I haven’t lived in F/M very long so I’m still finding new buffalos once and a while! I can’t believe anyone would be against art!!

    *on a side note, I find the black/white color scheme very difficult to focus on*

  2. Mmmmm….yea, well if you mean real, clean, quality art, then that’s fine. If you mean the vile, repugnant garbage that they tend to love to assault the public with in NYC and SFO, then no, we in the real America don’t need that.

  3. Well, my guess is that if we were actually able to secure some type of funding, the biggest controversy would be if the item were ‘religious’ or if it were contemporary, ‘WHAT’S THAT SUPPOSED TO BE? THAT LOOKS STUPID! HOW MUCH DID THAT COST?” type issues.

    I’d be curious to know where vile and repugnant public art is in NYC. I’m sure there’s plenty in the museums and galleries, but didn’t know they had it in the streets. (never get to or been to SFO. Don’t even know why I know SFO means San Fancisco?)

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