I Cain’t believe it

Brace yourself: I was a closet supporter of Herman Cain. When a minority makes it to the top in corporate world, how can a bleeding heart liberal like me not have some sense of respect and admiration? I even wrote a blog about this silly obsession Americans have with men of power and influence who consider sexual conquests one of the many indulgences they’re entitled to. Men are pigs. We will buy as much sex and expensive cars as we possibly can. Duh.

With the recent ‘distractions’ I as looking for some sign of integrity and ownership of his actions.

Didn’t happen.

What we got was this statement:

“As of today, with a lot of prayer and soul searching, I am suspending my presidential campaign,” Cain said at an appearance outside his campaign headquarters in Atlanta. “I am suspending my presidential campaign because of the continued distraction, the continued hurt caused on me and my family. Not because we are not fighters.”

Are you kidding me? Might I have suggested some ‘prayer and soul searching’ sometime during the 13 year affair or maybe before you launched one of your many sessions of grab-ass?

How positively expected that a conservative Republican would drag out ‘prayer and soul searching’ as a balm for the damage cause by his inability to keep it zipped up.

Oh, and by the way–this ‘distraction’ is not what caused hurt to your family, your campaign and your already laughingstock party.

Your lying about who you were groping and having sex with is what caused the hurt.

Man up and own it.


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  1. Well said.

    If you haven’t conducted yourself in an honorable way, the glare of media scrutiny shouldn’t come as any surprise. Lying, denying and trying to deflect the blame just don’t work as well when you have thousands of people watching you as they might when the only one you have to fool is your spouse.

  2. Hmmm, did you feel that same way when the mainstream media ignored the Edwards misdeeds? Instead they let the tabloid press cover it, and still ignored the news for months.

    1. What Edwards misdeeds? 🙂

      Can’t speak to specifics, but I’ve had the same news resources for 20 years, and I don’t think $400 hair-cut, cheatin’ on his dyin’ wife Edwards got a pass on anything.

      I read the Forum every day, watch local news, Brian Williams and usually catch the Leno monologue. I despise Fox news, and occasionally read MSNBC headlines.

      In my opinion, the idea that the media picks on my candidate and gives my opponent a pass is sour grapes whining.


  3. So it looks as if Herm’s wife is less forgiving than the Republican base who will run to 3-timer Newt to avoid voting for a family-values Mormon.

    I’m enjoying this show. Well, not the part of someone’s sexuality and indiscretions being tried in public. Rather, the intellectual convolutions the died-in-the-wool party loyalists are going through.

    Almost makes me wonder if they would support a conservative monogamous gay candidate over the rest of the field.

    Well, I said “almost.”

    1. Would that be family-values-cheatin’-on-his-dyin’-wife-three-times-married-my-sister’s-a-big-ol’-lesbian Newt?

      Yeah, I suppose that would be better than a Mormon to quite a few.

  4. There is a strategy that would have worked for Herman. Newt is doing it and it seems to go down well with Republicans.

    When he announced his candidacy, he should have said, “My life has not always been perfect. I have asked for and received forgiveness from God.”

    The line of hearing from God that you are his choice is not working that well because only one should hear it. But, everyone can claim to hear voices forgiveness and not be locked up in a mental ward.

  5. A “closet supporter of Herman Cain”? Yuck!

    I prefer Rachel Maddow’s description of him: “the performing artist formerly known as Herman Cain”.

  6. He would of never won anyway. We need a classic white male, with an Ivy league education and weighted family name and historical pedigree. I would take another Reagan in a minute but his son is a bit “goofy” if you know what I mean? Another Bush would be Ok but “W” only produced daughters. Kennedy’s are all F’d up. Hmm? how about one of the Koch brothers of the Koch family, they are heavily invested in oil, billionaires, white, educated? not sure but who needs that. Ok done ranting here, just thought your “ajenda” could use some insight from a genius.

    1. Lue, you are on the right track. I think Presidential politics is more about marketing than ideals now. I wasn’t into politics at all at the time, but I really liked Reagan–probably because of his charisma and the marketing machine behind him. Another Bush, oh we just cannot afford that unless we’re ready to sell the US to China or someone. For what it’s worth, I think the Koch brothers already control a significant part of the country and a Presidency for either of them would mess that up.

      Stephan, I relish the irony of a negro in his 60’s a potential presidential candidate for the party who has worked harder than any other and with a singular focus to keep white Christian males on top and everyone else in their place.

      (I use the word ‘negro’ for ironic effect. Republicans called guys like Cain much worse and probably still do behind closed doors)

      1. The thing is, I see little difference between Cain and Gingrich:

        1. the reason they are running for President is because their narcissism made them do it;

        2. what they are really interested in is selling their books (both of them have campaign stops at bookstores, singing copies of their books!).

  7. You’all forget about Slick Willy [who let his willy wander??]. ?? And then lied, with a straight face, that “he never had sex with that woman”?? What did he think it was, lunch??

    I realize that most of you can not think that the Puppet in the WH can do no wrong … well, he probably can’t do much wrong as he is not calling the shots … he is just the slick Puppet. The same people who paid for his education also put him in the WH … yup, as their Puppet. He is well trained, very well trained.

    I’d rather trust a person who might not be perfect [nobody is, but some try to convince others that they are], and can actually speak without a teleprompter. At least what comes out of their mouths match what is in their heads.

    1. June, it does not go unnoticed that you did not say a single word about Presidential Candidate Cain, his behavior nor your support of him; but chose to mention several faults of your opposing party.

      I for one have grown weary of all candidates whose only position is their hatred of the other party. Don’t tell me what you don’t like, tell me what you stand for.

      BTW, for what it’s worth, I think slick Willy was an idiot for lying, and the President who created and led one of the largest economic expansions in US history will only be remembered for getting a hummer in the white house. Sad.

      (see my previous post about every candidate should tell everyone from the get go about all the extracarricular sex they’ve had and just be done with it.)

  8. I guess I really do not know what you wish me to say about Mr. Cain [former Presidential Candidate?]. Do I admire the man? Oh, you bet I do. He has accomplished much in his life time, and many things that are not easy to do. Was he my first choice from the GOP field? No, can not say that he was. Truth be known, I have not yet a hard, fast choice. I am leaning a couple of different directions, and that is all I can say at the moment. Before Mr. Perry announced, many were saying “he’s the man”. I listened to his first speech, and said “oh, I really do not think he is the man”. Wow, was I ever pounced upon. Now, today, it appears that my first thoughts were correct, but we’ll see.

    But back to Mr. Cain, I do admire the man and his accomplishments. Just to be descended from slaves and running for Presidential Candidate is an accomplishment that is his, and his alone. President Obama is NOT descended from slaves.

    What do I stand for? Limited government [am a firm believer that the words that you do NOT want to hear are “I am from the government and I am here to help you!”]. I am for States Rights [the idea that all 50 states have to be identical smacks of the same mentality that all children need to be “average” — that is, “C Students”]. I am for some type of work to be done by those who are forced [by circumstances] to go on public assistance — that is, perhaps a young mother can be an aid in a day care, and be taught skills [in parenting, in child care, and in business management] in exchange for her food stamps and welfare check. How much better for that young mother if she could feel like she was accomplishing something and have her child cared for, at the same time?? Sure would beat the current policy of “of requiring those states taking stimulus $$$, to no longer require those getting public assistance to do a job search. In other words, they are no longer required to go to the state job service office and look for work. Therefore they have dropped off the list of those looking for work, which makes the unemployment numbers lower. Unemployment numbers would even be far worse if the states could require those on public assistance to do a job search. We need an administration will remove that requirement from the states.

  9. June, June, June. Brace yourself: I couldn’t agree more. I think I’m really a Libertarian, but the cynical me knows we’ll be a two party system at least as long as I’m alive, so I tend to go with the lesser of two evils. In my mind, that’s the democrats.

    I am also one of those guys who is so disappointed in our current President that I wish he’d say ‘mission accomplished’ and step aside for Hillary. My respect for her just grows and grows. I think her calm and tenacious nature along with the fact she clearly can endure way too much crap and rise above it is the type of leader we need.

    In my opinion.

  10. Well, I really wanted Cain to get the GOP nomination. Not because I agree with him on almost anything but, because I thought it would make for a very interesting election cycle.
    I don’t think anyone can argue that racism is alive and well in the US. I thought it would be really interesting to see what would happen among those people when their choice ended up being between a black man and a bi-racial man. 2012 might have been the year we saw a 3rd party candidate actually win an election. 😉

    One positive thing might actually happen now. If Gingrich gets the nomination, the Republicans will finally have to shut up about Clinton. Naughty Newty beats slick Willy six ways from Sunday in the ‘no morals’ dept.

    I’m really shocked that Romney’s religion is playing such a huge role in the whole thing. I’m old enough to remember when JFK was running and how concerned people were about what would happen to the country if he won, since he was a CATHOLIC. I honestly thought we’d evolved more than we obviously have.

      1. LOL! I wondered the same thing. One thing we do know is that Opie is a disturbed person who continuously reads a gay blog despite his hatred of gay people.

      1. That’s why you can’t find anyting but another desperate fag to play house with? You don’t know what a man is, or a marriage. You only know how to make desperate attempts to find attention when all else failed. Any port in a storm….

      2. I think you are being a little hard on Opie. I’m willing to bet he has tons of fun in the bedroom, as long as no one else is in there with him.

        1. That would be far more pleasurable than what the “any port in a storm” crowd seem to be doing nowadays. Fake marriages with other losers infatuated with themselves has little appeal to normal people.

    1. Oh, how I wish. Big career refocus the past 9 months. There’s that old phrase don’t mess around with where you eat (I cleaned the phrase up A LOT) anyway, I don’t talk about my work on TGA. Suffice it to say I’m really psychotic about this new job, so I don’t yak on line like I used to. Saying goodbye to a corporate VP job without knowing what the next chapter would hold was a big step. Stay tuned for some photos from Brad & Ricky’s Christmas tree shopping extravaganza!

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