Oh Christmas Tree!

Ricky’s pretty relaxed about most everything, except when it comes to Christmas trees. It must be real, can only come from a specific nursery, and above all else, must be the biggest one we can get in the house.

Tree tied to the top of sexy SUV

ย Tree relaxing by the front door while we figure out

how to get it inside.


In the stand, ready for a good fluff.

All Better

The other thing Ricky is picky about is where the lights go.

This is where I usually go shake up a couple martinis and hide out

’til he’s done.

Santa meets an untimely demise

Ricky’s lights worth the wait

I tend to build shrines everywhere. Ricky on the left, me on the right, our four kids up above and wedding bells uniting us all.

Smarmy, I know. It’s Christmas. It’s excused.




Today’s Gay Agenda: Wish Ricky a Merry 10th Christmas together. Where does the time go?

11 thoughts on “Oh Christmas Tree!”

  1. Poor Opie. Must be a sad existence you have, waiting around for your next opportunity to troll this site. You should really try to get out and find a suitable person (with opposite parts) who will put up with you. Can’t live in mom’s basement forever.

  2. Nobody is more aware of, nor has benefited more from Ricky’s low standards than I. ๐Ÿ™‚ Maybe your mom has a friend with a spinster daughter w/low standards?

  3. What can I say, I live to remind you that this group is not welcome in this region, nor most of the rest of the world.

    1. Opie, opie, opie. Stop speaking of things of which you know nothing. While it’s undoubtably true gay people are not welcome in your home (we’ll disregard the obvious question of why they would want to be in your home) your opinion is far from fact.

      As I’ve invited you a gazillion times, if you have documentation to back up your wacky ideas, I’d love to review.

      Isn’t it time to head over to some dive bar and try pick up some desperate middle aged ladies? Surely the pina coladas should be kicking in about now. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Beautiful tree, sweet puppy. Could you please tell me about the amazing art to the left of the tree? It caught my eye and my curiosity – love the deep rich color.

    1. Sure. The deep blue acrylic and the black & white water color hanging in front of it are both by Judy Hart, a wonderful Fargo artist who experimented in a number of mediums throughout her career.

      Judy’s creative voice was silenced about 5 years ago when he died of ovarian cancer. My last visit with her was when she came over to see the number of pieces we have in our home. She and Ricky were enjoying martinis on the back deck (okay, I was too) and Judy stumbled and lost her balance and she and Ricky tumbled to the lush plush cushy green grass.

      Lots of wisecracks followed about the dangers of chemo and cosmos, and she left us about 3 months later.

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