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    2011 - 12.24

    I’m a big believer that after enduring mobs at the mall, parting with six months salary, dodging drivers who venture to Fargo exactly once per year then hauling the loot into the house, it’s wrong to shove the gifts into gift bags and stuff them under the tree.

    So each year after Christmas Ricky hits the discount stores and scoops up tons of wrap. A few years ago he starting buying collections of all the weird stuff other people ignored. One year the most stunning gifts were wrapped in chocolate brown and metallic gold. Another year copper and silver. Funny how something that looks odd in the store looks great at home.

    Ricky learned years ago if he bought wire framed ribbon, I’d go ape making bows that could rival Dolly Parton wigs of the 70’s for height and volume.

    So for those of you looking to do a last minute, show stopper gift wrap . . . here’s a quick lesson:

    You’ve got to start with a cocktail and a nicely wrapped gift. Sharp corners, pattern aligning, no wrinkles. Wrap a piece of ribbon around and tie in a tight knot.

    Glass chess set being wrapped for Mother’s gentleman friend

    Then you take the ribbon and start rolling it into a roll about 1/2 the size of the box for smaller boxes, proportional for larger boxed. Wrap it about 4 to 6 times.

    Having wine and Christmas treats nearby makes everything go better

    Here’s the most important part: making cuts on either side like pictured. Then secure the bow to the box with the ribbon tied through the cuts,  so the bow will fluff out. If you don’t cut the ribbon you’ll end up with a gob of mashed up loops. No one likes that.

    And then tie it down and start pulling the loops out from each other. The wire frame ribbon makes it hold its shape really well.

    Starting to pull out the loops and fluff up

    Now if you want to give your recipients convulsions, add some ornaments into the bow. Use ornament hooks to stab through the ribbon to hold ’em on.

    Oh, yeah. That’s gonna work just fine. Glitter snowflake with ice green star

    Here’s some finished product waiting for the weekend’s festivities.


    Gift for Don & Jerry

    For my sister

    This grapefruit is a fruit storage container with a gift card inside. This does not qualify as a gift bag since the creativity level is much higher.




    Brad and Ricky wish you a Merry Christmas and hope 2012 is all you could ever dream and then some.

    May your home and your heart be filled with people who love you for, and perhaps in spite of, all the weird things you are.


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    4 Responses to “That’s a wrap!”

    1. Ms. C says:

      OMG…ADOPT ME! 😉

      Martha Stewart ain’t got nothing on you…breathtaking wrapping!

      Have a joyous holiday filled with all the people and things you love…and thank you for all the laughter and inspiration you have provided via your blog year-round.

    2. S. L. says:

      Do you rent out?? LOL

    3. makka says:

      Very nice, B. I’ve got you on bling though 😉 I asked my kids if it looked like a flamboyant homosexual had wrapped our family’s gifts and they said “absolutely!” I thought of you, sweetie. Happy New Year.