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    2012 - 06.10

    Ricky and I have lots of rituals. Or maybe they’re just habits we like. Anyway, one of the things we’ve come to enjoy when I visit him while he’s working in Italy is sipping a bottle of pinot grigio on the rooftop patio of our hotel over looking the duomo in Florence.

    I’m always amazed by the beauty and architecture of European Cathedrals, and the fact they were built hundreds of years ago with no power equipment, hydraulic lifts or computer aided drafting software.

    And then stepping inside being overwhelmed by the elaborate paintings and sculpture adorning the space.

    Two of the most famous and recognizable artist/sculptor/painter/engineers of the renaissance period were Michaelangelo and Da Vinci.

    Both are to this day believed to be homosexuals.

    Ricky’s not only stop-a-train handsome, he’s really smart. So I made a remark about how difficult it must have been for these guys to do so much church work and keep their private lives under wraps.

    He replied “Are you kidding me? Two of the most famous and gifted artisans of their time, spending their days recreating the likeness of naked men, never enjoying the company of women, and were on the church payroll? Do you seriously think no one knew? Of course everyone knew. It was simply determined their talent was worth more to the church than condemning them for sinful acts. So the church looked the other way.”

    He then went on to make some untoward remarks about how many single men in the church/arts/architecture community there were in that day and how they ‘took care’ of eachother’s best interests and so forth.

    Part of the reason I’ve struggled with content for TGA is that I’m pretty much beyond gay people being victims. We’ve moved to a time where if bullying or bigotry or discrimination happens (which it does all the time) rational voices in both the gay and straight community unite and say ‘knock it off’.

    That being said, it’s curious that for hundreds of years it appears homosexuality is really only a ‘sin’ when it serves that purpose on the sin-roster or when someone needs to feel superior to someone else.

    If the contribution the gay person makes supersedes the sin value of homosexuality, most everyone agrees to look the other way.

    And then look at the pretty painting or beautiful church they built.

    Today’s Gay Agenda: As always, the more things change, the more they stay the same.


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    6 Responses to “If you build it, they will come”

    1. JBC-MN says:

      If someone is not married does not mean they were homosexual in any era.

      • Avatar of Mac Mac says:

        It wasn’t the fact that they were unmarried that made them homosexual, it was that they had sex with other men that made them homosexual. I keep getting these two mixed up, but one wrote absolutely beautiful love poems to his younger gentleman friend. Look it up.

    2. Avatar of Katydid Katydid says:

      “when someone needs to feel superior to someone else”

      My guess is, that is, always has been, and always will be the primary motivator.

    3. opinionated says:

      Squirrel, there are straight men and queers in every walk of life whether artisans, athletes, musicians or street bums. So what’s your point? The only points you focus on are those that involve gays. It must be sad to live on such a narrow path. You don’t seem to have much vision beyond that one topic, kind of sad. I’m sure I could name far more straight artisans than the couple queers you picked to dream about. And actually you made a very strange choice in selecting Michelangelo to make your, uhh, point? I believe most people of the region believe he was both gay, and celibate due to being torn between queerdom and his religious devotions. He was both a filthy man and a genius whom I can’t imagine anyone queer or straight falling for. Whatever, he left us his brilliance.
      I’ll actually be going through Florence in a few weeks but only have one day on my way through. Got any recommendations for your buddy? Some expansive cities like Rome the best advice is often first time spend $300 and get a good taxi driver/private tour guide for 5 hours. If you can find a good lead on one it’s usually worth every penny. What’s your take?

      • Avatar of Mac Mac says:

        I think you totally missed my point: church officials are often standing poised with rock in hand ready to stone the fags–until they find out some good use for them. Then maybe they’ll just look the other way.

        (BTW, this is ‘The Gay Agenda” no one reads this to learn what I think about toe fungus)

        In Firenze, of course you have to see “David”. The Cathedral is a must, too. The market has great stuff and i suspect you drive a hard bargain, so you’ll get some good buys.

        The Uffizzi Museum was great, although I after the first 50 paintings of The Blessed Virgin I thought I’d seen enough.

        And for a late night treat, Bar Vivolli (behind the Bargello Museum) is the best gellateria in Italy. Well worth finding.

        Don’t have a best restaurant, and every evening we sat on the rooftop patio of Hotel Medicci and drank a bottle of pinot. Brace yourself, I don’t care about luxury accomodations, as long as it’s clean and safe. Ricky insists on a comp breakfast, and Medicci has something they consider a breakfast. :)

        Have fun.

    4. Avatar of Jon Lindgren Jon Lindgren says:

      Great post, Mac. The great contributions to the arts, and every other field, is the legacy of gay people.

      As you say, when it is in the advantage of the powers that be, being gay is OK. One example is gays kicked out of the military went down during wartime, up during budget cutting peace time.

      Keep up the good work here.

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