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    2012 - 06.24

    Alright, I’m from the north plus a little too young to remember clearly; but even I know there was a time when certain religions agreed brown people were inferior because the Bible told them. And that God occasionally spoke to various members of their churches and assured them they were in fact, correct.

    So I’m really puzzled by this week’s headlines:

    NEW ORLEANS — The Southern Baptist Convention voted Tuesday to elect its first African-American president in one of its biggest steps yet to reconcile the 167-year-old denomination’s troubled racial past and appeal to a more diverse group of believers.

    I’m not necessarily puzzled by the fact any organization needs to drop the hate in order to stay alive in an ever more inclusive society. And I’m not overly surprised that an organization that formed exclusively because God and the Bible told them slavery was His will has now elected as its President someone who 150 years ago would have been all but shunned by the church.

    What I am puzzled by is: What’s going to happen to all the people who went to hell because they didn’t think brown people were inferior? Or all the people who went to hell because they dated or (gasp) married a brown person? How ’bout all the people burning in the fires of hell because they helped end slavery?

    Will they be excused from eternal damnation?

    Will God say “Never mind” and let them into Heaven after all?

    Do you suppose God knew what he was doing when he created people that were different and the humans had it wrong for a ton of years?

    Today’s Gay Agenda: It saddens me the number of people who with all their hearts believe being gay or in a loving relationship with someone of the same gender is a ticket to hell.

    Because God and the Bible have made it very clear to them.

    Just as clear as He made it to those who formed the Southern Baptist Convention 167 years ago.




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    37 Responses to “I beg your pardon?”

    1. Candyman says:

      “Today’s Gay Agenda: It saddens me the number of people who with all their hearts believe being gay or in a loving relationship with someone of the same gender is a ticket to hell.” …define “being gay?” do you mean a “homosexual relationship”? men engaging in sexual acts with men or women with women? …

      • Avatar of Mac Mac says:

        Candyman, I don’t mean people that are deliriously happy.

        The tone of your question suggests you’re one of those who will concede homosexuality isn’t a sin and long as no one touches anyone else. If they do, it then moves into hell-worthy status assuming there’s no repentance.

        • Candyman says:

          No I’m not conceding homosexual isn’t a sin. I believe it is a sin (so is fornication, adultry, drunks, ppl who practice witch craft, abusers of mankind, the list continues…) and the New Testiment supports that unambigiously, very clearly, very plainly, so plainly even a person like me can unstand the context. refs; I Cor 6:9, Gal 5:19-21, Rev 21:8, the list continues… I have friends who are gay and living a homomsexual lifestlye. I like them but do not support their lifestyle. God loves these ppl too, very, very much (but God demonstrates His love for us that while we were STILL SINNERS Christ died for us Romans 5:8), as He does all sinners, but He does not support their lifestyle. AS a matter of fact, it says, “DO NOT BE DECIEVED these will not inherit the Kingdon of God”. I Cor 6:9. SHaring the truth in love, as always. Anything eles would be a blantant, that out lie.

          • Avatar of Mac Mac says:

            Candyman, I guess I must revert to the main theme of this post . . . there was a time when humans beyond any shadow of a doubt KNEW there were some who were living a life that would condemn them to eternal damnation BECAUSE THE BIBLE TOLD THEM IN ____ AND ____ AND ____ AND DON’T FORGET____ VERSE.

            Your argument, which makes perfect sense to you, is the exactly the same one used to justify slavery and segregation and unlawful marriage of blacks and whites. You are simply plugging in the verses that support your point of view, which is exactly what the Southern Baptist Convention did 167 years ago.

            Exactly. Zero difference.

            However, I would welcome the opportunity to learn why the slavery verses are now ignored while the gay verses are adhered to. And why you’re okay with that.

    2. Paul E. Cline says:

      That’s an easy one bro. Man has never decided who did or who did not go to hell. Oh, they act like they are in the know, but trust me, they don’t read the book they profess. That decision is upstairs and upstairs alone. When a member of the Westboro Baptist church or anyone else points their very human finger at you and tells you that you are doomed to an eternity in hell, smile and move on.

      There is only one person who makes that decision and they are not it.

      He invented us, not the other way around. Truth be told, He is not all that interested in our opinion.

    3. Ray says:

      Paul is 100% correct…the church doesn’t send anyone to hell, it only thinks it does. God is God and we are not, God is Love and loves everyone.

      • Candyman says:

        very true Ray. God does love everyone! “all have sinned and have fallen short of the glory of God” Romans 3:23 “for the wages of sin is death, but the gift of life is in Jesus Christ our Lord” Romans 6:23. Because God loves us, unrepented sin has it’s consequences, which in Hell the second “cast into the Lake of Fire” Rev 21:1

    4. Betty says:

      On the contrary, Paul. Men DO invent their gods in an attempt to justify their desires. MEN also wrote the bible thousands of years ago which was translated by MEN, (Priests, actually, who needed to control their flocks so they would tithe to their churches) and you somehow believe this book still has validity. You say that god is a ‘person’ . . . and HE is the only one to decide who is doomed to hell. How can god be a person and what makes you think this person is a HE? Because the MEN who wrote it said so? And what is Hell anyway? A place where everyone gets sent who doesn’t believe in YOUR god? That’s going to be one crowded hell hole!

      And Ray, you say “God is God and we are not”. That’s just your opinion. Do you really believe “God is love and loves everyone”? Really?! So why does he send everyone to hell who doesn’t believe what Paul believes? Seems like that god-person who whipped up a man from dust didn’t know how to make reasoning brains! Doesn’t that man-book also say God created woman from that dust-man’s rib?! Give me a break!!! Man up, guys! You’re not third graders! You’re too old to believe in fairy tales.

      Oh, one last thing, “Judge not lest ye be judged”!

      • Candyman says:

        I’m in NO position to judge, but Scripture is very clear on this issue. So, like Paul, we share it in love. Paul said there were many converts to Christianity that were homosexuals and the like… I Cor 6:11 …”and such were some of you”

      • Candyman says:

        what’s more plausable?…believing that earth somehow just came together from many dust molecules? then after millions of yrs, somehow that cell developed into a living, breathing unit? then we eventually came into being been after millions of more yrs? and the sun hit the earth just perfectly, rotating it 22.5% degrees on it’s axes so those cells wouldn’t burn up or freeze up? or, could all of this be part of a greater engineered plan? what would take more faith, your happen chance? 1 out of 1,000,000,000,000,000 ? or we were designed, engineered if you would, to live and procreate, as a bigger, larger plan? what would a reasonable person conclude? If God had designed this world and it’s inhabitants, do you think He would have a say as to what purpose or plan we should be a part of? Come on! you’re smarter that this!

    5. Avatar of Jon Lindgren Jon Lindgren says:

      Great blog, Mac. If God created diversity, he created us all, gay and straight. The Bible is just as “clear” is wanted the races to be kept separate as it it “clear” about homosexuality.

      Now, it is “clear” mixed race marriages are OK. The clear sign for gays is coming soon.

      • Candyman says:

        not in ND Jon…we had a constitutional amendment a few yrs back making it unconstitutional for same sexes to marry. Even the most liberal state in the union, CA, by a majority vote banned the marriage of the same sexes. Btw, I’m open what vrs you pertain to blacks being condemned or slavery vrs? I’m well versed in the NT and I haven’t got the slightest idea to what vrs you are reffering to Mac? vrs? However, there are several that pertain to your homosexual lifestyle that God comdemns…Romans 1:26-28 Why is this soo bother some to you Mac? are you looking for answers to support your lifestyle in direct relationship to what God defines as marriage, union between a man and a women? Ironically, I don’t see where God has evr in the written history of the Tora/OT/NT blessed a same sex marriage. Moreover, again we know what happened to the city of Sodom and Gomorra in the Old T. More recently, through altra violet imaging archaelogists have located the fine ash remains where the cities once exsisted. You got an uphill battle in a down pour.

        • Avatar of Mac Mac says:

          Candyman, you’re still refusing to acknowledge the point of this post:

          People used the Bible to support slaverry and segregation and had plenty of verses to support it.

          People use the bible to support anti-gay attitudes and legislation and have plenty of verses to support it.

          People changed their minds on slavery. I suspect they will change their minds on homosexuality.

          And for the record, God and I are pretty cool about the whole gay thing. Please do not share with me any more verses about how I’ve been deceived and so forth.

          Been there, read them, got it figured out.

          • Candyman says:

            here are your words…”And for the record, God and I are pretty cool about the whole gay thing. Please do not share with me any more verses about how I’ve been deceived and so forth.

            Been there, read them, got it figured out.”

            The vrs weren’t meant to say “jus”t homosexuals are deceived, but all the lifestyles as mentioned in I Cor 6:9. Pauls says many of these ppl were such as you in vrs 11. Romans 1:26-28 “He gave them over to their reprobate mind in so they burned for one another for their unnatural state, men with men committing to what is shameful”… Show me where i’m confused here? Has the Bible not kept up with our times? Is homosexuality a “new” thing as a sign of cultural development? Please, share with us your lifestyles justification for being homosexual? We would desperately like to know.

            I’m open to receiving them and learning more about how you came to your conclusion of you “got them figured out”…

          • badgirlofthenorth says:

            There is a big difference between the color of ones skin and sexual orientation,it is also a sin to have sex with another man’s wife or sex outside of marriage or sex between siblings or sex with your offspring. Should all these things be condoned in the Christian faith. Not only does the Christian faith believe it is a sin for same sex marriage but also the Jews and Muslims. Hell is going through eternity without seeing God and Judgment day is not when you die but when Jesus returns to his Kingdom so all sinners can have time to repent. It is true what any of us do behind closed doors in none of anyone’s business but some Gay Pride functions, and parades ect are not the way to win respect or acceptance from other beliefs, just sayin. Take pride in what you believe and show respect for yourselves and maybe there wouldn’t be any problems with acceptance

            • Avatar of Mac Mac says:

              Thanks for the perspective bad girl. Here’s my question: what happened to the people who went to hell because they believed the slaves were deserving of equality? What happened to the people who went to hell because they married a black person? How is it that the Southern Baptist Convention which came about because they knew slavery was God’s plan now has a black man as its President? Once I get an answer to that we can get back to why gays are going to hell. Thanks.

            • Candyman says:

              badgirlofthenorth…”Hell is going through eternity without seeing God and Judgment day is not when you die but when Jesus returns to his Kingdom so all sinners can have time to repent”

              Help me understand your view? WHere does it say that we get a second chance after death? If this was so, why live for Christ now? “it is appointed unto man to die once, then the judgement” Heb 9:27, “we must all appear before the judgement seat of Christ, therefore knowing the terror of the Lord, we persuade men” II Cor 5:10-11. THere are NO second changes after we die according to the NT. Can you support your statement? I would like to hear what your understanding is regarding this soo very important topic. thank you.

    6. betty karpen says:

      I totally agree, and I’m not gay. Keep up your good thoughts.

    7. Laura says:

      Using your bible to pass judgement, condemn others, win arguments, promote hate and discrimination ~ sacrilegious! Matthew 7:1-5, Romans 14:12-13 and the list goes on. . .

      • Candyman says:

        say Laura, have you read I Pet 4:17-18?…”for the time is come that judgement must begin at the house of God and if it first begin at us, what shall the end be of them that obey not the gospel of God? vrs 18 and if the rightious scarcely be saved, where shall the ungodly and the sinner appear?”

        Laura, if we don’t police our own, who’s going too? a little yeast makes a whole bunch of dough rise…

        It would be nice if you could reply how you insenuated that I promate hate and discrimination?

    8. badgirlofthenorth says:

      Mac, no one knows who is going to Hell, all will be judged on Judgment Day so therefore we can not say as to who will be saved we are all His children and we all have a chance to live according to His Law and the main one is the Golden Rule which many forget is the BIG ONE:) Do onto others as you would have them do onto you, if all beliefs would follow this , it would be a much better world. Ignore what anyone says but what He says, and he loves us all, I am overweight , so should I go to Hell for gluttony that is not your call nor mine, it is HIS. We need to worry about ourselves and how we live our lives and let others do the same unless their actions affect us

    9. Candyman says:

      I agree that one knows except God on judgement day. We CAN know, I mean 100%, how to go to heaven by repenting from your sins and by faith trust Jesus Christ to come into your heart and forgive your sins and making you through the power of the Holy Spirit empower you to lead the life He wants for you. But, to simply know the God loves you, died on the cross for your sins or even have an emotion experience is not enough. We all must repent and turn toward Christ. THen, heaven is our reward. I Jn 5:11-13.
      WHere does it say that if you marry a black person your bound for hell? or even a slave, white or black. So, again Mac, I ask you,”where are you getting the verses that if your gay, openly and unrepented that you are eternally secure?” please, I would love to know.

    10. Avatar of Mac Mac says:

      For the last time, this discussion is not about the bible saying gay is okay. Or not.

      It’s about the fact the Southern Baptist Convention reversed itself on the very priciple on which it was founded. And my confusion as to what happened to all the people they said would be going to hell for their beliefs. It’s also about me implying they did horrific damage to individuals and families who in their hearts didn’t agree that God intended whites to have dominion over blacks.

      When you are willing to discuss the topic at hand I welcome your perspective.

      Thank you for the checklist as to how to get my much deserved reward in Heaven. I’ll get right on that . . . .

      • Candyman says:

        Mac you use the “Bible” in your blog being openly gay. WHat does the Bible say about being a homosexual from from an eternal bliss or eternal seperation from God that you understand? please be precise…chptr and vrs.

        I’m not giving you a ck list. I’m honestly trying to understand your veiw point about gay ppl going to hell or not going to hell? I would like chptr and vrs plz. You have a view point on this, I would like to understand this.

        Being from the midwest, I have never heard that black marrying whites or visaversa has kept ppl out of heaven. WHere do you get this from? vrs? I know the Mormans believe believe the black ppl are the children of Satan… could you be getting your wires crossed here?

        • Avatar of Mac Mac says:

          It’s my understanding the Southern Baptist Convention formed their organization based on biblical fact that whites have dominion over blacks.

          Their position, not mine.

          I believe the Bible is a blueprint for living a healthy, godly life, respectful of all of God’s creation. I also believe many people use the Bible to clobber people they don’t like.

          I stopped calling myself a Christian a number of years ago, because in my opinion fundamentalist Christians have ruined a really good faith. And evangelicals drive way more people away from the faith than they draw near.

          I’m not aware of any verses that say ‘gay sex, go for it’ just as I’m not aware of any verses supporting dental hygiene, space travel, jello brand gelatin, spanx undergarments, laptop computers, botox, e-mail communication, acrylic fingernails, carpool lanes, dating women with dyed hair, subzero home refrigeration units, the global impact of heated vs air drying of dishes, you get my drift.

          There’s a whole bunch about Jesus rolling his eyes over holier than thou types and as I recall He was generally annoyed by anyone who used religious dogma to smack people they didn’t like.

          Kinda funny when you think about it . . . .

    11. Jade says:

      Hey Mac!
      I always enjoy your posts and of course agree with you wholeheartedly. And I agree, I have also quit calling myself Christian a few years ago. I prefer the word spiritual. I get so tired of “religious folk” telling me what’s wrong with me or why I’m going to hell.

      I would like to address Candyman. Have you read in the OT about not combining different fibers to wear, or eating shellfish, or men (in the context of people as a whole) cutting their hair (which by the way you have very handsome hair Mac) or women wearing the garments of men. I guess I’m guilty of most of these, although I don’t like shellfish. I bet you have cut your hair Candyman, or wear fabrics combined of different types of fibers. Maybe you even like shellfish. But as a society, we ignore those “rules”. “Christians” like to use different verses to condemn people that they have an ignorance for, yet use Biblical reference to accommodate themselves. I don’t like when these “religious people” like to tell others they think are not holy and they need to repent. You don’t know how I live my life. You don’t know that every night I have a conversation with my savior. All you want to see is what is in society and how you interpret peoples actions and words. Maybe some of these people you think are “sinners” and will go to hell actually have a very close relationship with their savior. What goes on behind closed doors and in private lives should out of your thoughts and imagination. And let people live and believe what they believe.

      One thing I have noticed is many of these people that like to use the bible against those they have opinions about have their own issues and “sins” they have committed. I’m not going to tell them they are going to hell, or that they need to believe in a particular religion. That is not my place, and it shouldn’t be anybody else’s.

      Maybe, just maybe everybody should focus on their own lives, their own beliefs and the betterment of themselves as people. “Love your neighbor as yourself.” Yet there is so much hate from those who say they are “Christians”. Jesus walk with sinners, he didn’t condemn them. “Those who have not committed sin throw the first stone.” Jesus said that when the people were going to stone the “prostitute”.

      So, if you have never sinned go ahead, throw the stone. But I bet you won’t because if you did you would be lying and that would be sinning.

      Now that my peace has been said I hope that you (Mac) had a marvelous time in Italy. One day I wish to visit there. I’m even trying to learn Italian. I hope that we can chat more or even have supper one night. I would look forward to seeing you and Ricky again!

      Much love from your gay (happy) family!


      • Candyman says:

        Jade, I didn’t say I’m not a sinner, and I’m not throwing stones at anyone. THe issue to what I’m referring to is ppl who profess they know God but live a life that is against God’s will like actively living a homosexual lifestyle is evidence of what the Bible calls sin. chptr and vrs named above, but if you don’t know here is a handful… Romans 1:26-28, I Cor 6:9, Gal 5:19-20, Rev 21:8. If you know of any vrs supporting the gay lifesyle and it being good with God, I would like to know. After searching, I have found none.

        I don’t live the in OT. It wasn’t the works of the law that made Moses rightious. THe works of the law never made anyone rightous. There was always a remainder of sin. It was his faith and belief in God’s promise of a Savior “Choosing rather to suffer affiction with the ppl of God than to enjoy the pleasure of sin for a season. He esteemed the reproach of Christ greater than the treasure of Egypt; for he had respect unto the recompense of his reward. By faith enduring seeing Him who was invisable” Heb , Gen 3:15, that made him rightious. Heb 10:1-5 THe Law was a forshadow of better things to come. …

        Love gay ppl, YES. Pray for gay ppl, YES. SHare truth with them-YES. Support their lifestyle or others that is actively rebelling against the Bible-NO.

        • Avatar of Mac Mac says:

          Candyman, you seem like a really bright guy and I suspect I’d probably like and admire you in real life. I probably know you and don’t realize it. :)

          How do you rationalize things like the Catholic Church’s position on birth control? They seem to know exactly how God feels about that, but today’s society says ‘ah, not so much’ and everyone’s mostly okay with that. I think even God.

          Sincere question, btw. Not trying to be difficult. I’ve personally always struggled to understand why various Christians draw the line where they do in regard to obeying chapter and verse, especially for people who are not Bible scholars who can’t research ceremonial law and what Jesus said on August 4th that made that part of ceremonial law invalid but not the other part which onlhy applies to Hittites and their concubines. (sorry, gotta be a smart @$$)

    12. Avatar of Todd R. Post Todd R. Post says:

      Here’s an answer for those of you questioning why some religious organizations continue calling homosexuality a sin while they have supposedly changed their views regarding other “abominations” such as wearing clothes of mixed fabric (which applied only to the children of Israel in Leviticus chapter 19) and slavery. There’s a clear difference between forced and voluntary servitude.

      During Bible times, some individuals willingly became servants of others because they received provision and personal safety not available otherwise. Unlike other ancient cultures, the Law of Moses provided rights and privileges for slaves regardless of their ethnic background. While it’s unfortunate some early American church leaders twisted Scripture to support forced slavery, many others didn’t and became abolitionists.

      As a Christian missionary myself, I believe every human being deserves to be treated with love and respect. But my conscience will never let me condone the practice of homosexuality, which is clearly forbidden in both the Old Testament and the New Testament.

      ONE OTHER THING: Ever since St. Joseph School teacher Trish Cameron lost her job for supporting same-sex marriage, several letters have been published in the Fargo Forum calling the school’s action “bigotry.” It should be pointed out that same-sex marriage advocates are often guilty of being bigots themselves. In recent years, numerous God-fearing individuals and businesses have been harassed, sued, and fined for “discrimination” because of not embracing alternative lifestyle choices. People of faith should not be afraid to take a stand for Judeo/Christian principles this nation was founded upon.

      • Avatar of Mac Mac says:

        Hi Todd–
        Thanks for great and insightful comments. I’ve often thought biblical direction on how to treat ‘slaves’ could be a paralell to how today’s people should treat ‘employees’. In effect, people working for you in exchange for some type of thing of value. IN those days it was a roof over your head and meals and so forth. Today we use cash ’cause it’s easier.

        We won’t agree on Jesus’ perspective on human sexuality and relationships so never mind.

        I think it’s sad Trish was fired from her job because she is a great teacher and a fantastic influence on her students from what I’ve heard and read. However . . . the Catholic church is very clear they will only overlook certain sins, and homosexuality currently is not on that list. Personally, I’m thrilled they recently removed pedophilia from the list of sins to overlook.

    13. Candyman says:

      good questions Mac…btw, I do know you and Ricky. We met back in the spring of 08. WE had a nice visit.

      THe Catholic Church? I don’t agree with their doctrine, which being a fundamentalist Christian is key and needs to be more dilegently studied “take heed unto thyself and unto the doctrine, continue in them for in doing this thous shalt both save thyself and them that hear thee” I Tim 4:16. I’m going to go into the RCC’s doctrine, non-the-less to say that I don’t agree with it. WE, my wife and I, had to stop having kids after our number 4, not because we didn’t want any more children, but because it could have put her health at risk to carry the baby to full term. All of our kids were born C-section and the Dr stated that all of scare tissue on the MRs uterous could have be determental.

      In regarding our choices we made regarding to procreation in regards to His Will for our (me and the MRs) lives, I use the “2-P-W” test. You will not find the words “2-P-W” in any concordence, but none-the-less three are three biblically based principles regarding “life in Christ, liberty and the pursuit of God’s will for one’s life” according to the Candyman. Whatever is Prudent, Practical and Wise. Based on II Tim1:7 “FOr God has not given us the spirit of fear; but of power and of love, and of a sound mind” …

      Regarding your other inquire about “Christians drawing the line, non-Bible scholars ceremonial law Hittites and their concubines?” I haven’t the foggiest. But, I can share this John Chpter 4 is a very nice example for Jesus talking to a half breed female who is even depised by her own community of half breeds. He elevated her own self esteem and empowered her to reach out to her community and changed their spiritual destiny. WIN, BUILD, SEND…GOd uses wemen all the time. Great example.

      This is the point I’m referring too, vs 23-24 “worship the Father in spirit and truth for the Father seeks such to worship Him” Two componetries of worship, one objective…

      The above is a side note addressing a previous post regarding Christ and wemen someone brought up earlier. I wanted to comment on this but got side-tracted.

      definition of Christian is to be “Christ-like” in action and deed Acts 11:26 first mentioned and name coined for followers of Christ.

    14. opinionated says:

      Hey squirrel! Not unlike a soap opera, I missed this post for a while but when I tuned back in I saw nothing had changed. I think you’re dreaming or taking out of context some of your rhetoric about brown people being bad per the bible. For centuries many brown people, as you refer to them, have worshiped the bible so I think your interpretation is just that, yours. Obviously millions do not share your interpretation. One hilarious and ironic note though, this is a tidbit I recently overheard at the Dome you seem to love so much. The conversation between someone far holier than I and others went something like this: “Being Gay does not condemn you to hell. If you repent and change your ways you will be forgiven. If you do not when you die you will suffer eternal damnation.” (or something to that effect) Funny, I actually thought of you that day when I heard them talking. So even some of the biggest bible thumpers out there say there’s still hope for you! Not sure I believe them, but that’s what they say. Got one for you that you might enjoy hearing. I was in the Vatican recently, allowed entrance into the Vatican, and part way through got thrown out. Seems my short pants only covered down to my lower knee and that is considered to be too lewd, immoral and unscrupulous behavior within their halls. Worse part is it probably cost me another half eternity in purgatory too. After all the Basilicas and Cathedrals I’ve toured in my life you’d think I would have known, but I simply never knew they had this standard and evidently never had shorts on at the time. Maybe I should start a blog site and carry on about how horrible the church treated me. What’d ya think?

      • Avatar of Mac Mac says:

        Opie! As always you missed my point. I don’t think the Bible says anything regarding brown people being of lower value in God’s eyes. But there sure were a bunch of people back in the civil war days who knew God intended whites to have dominion over blacks. It was right there in the Bible.

        LOVE the short pants story! I had a streak of getting kicked out of a bunch of Cathedrals for everything from uncovered knees to butting to the front of the line because i had no concept of who was around me. Oh, they frown on taking photos in the Sistine Chapel. And they can spot you even when you’re trying to be discreet.

        Glad you’re back. I always worry your parole has been revoked again or your mom has taken your computer priveleges away when you’re quiet.

    15. Kory says:

      All I can add to this somewhat disturbing conversation (the Holier than you part of some of the commenters) not the blog. Is “Judge not lest you be judged.” Last I checked God was the one who determines who makes it into the realm of heaven, not mankind. So with that said I don’t care what anyone’s lifestyle is. So long as it isn’t forced upon me or mine what anyone does is their business, not mine.

      So thank you all for your opinions, but I’ll let God decide if I deserve an invite and I’ll let The Architect of the Universe do the same for each of you.

    16. Avatar of Mac Mac says:

      Well said Kory. Thank you.

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