Gays in the ‘hood, 2

One of the many reasons my yard will always look better than yours is that in spite of near death experiences every year  (for both me and the plant) I’m still not afraid to radically prune something.

I think it has something to do with my belief “that which does not kill you makes you stronger” applies not only to people, but to ornamental shrubbery as well.

First year it was the clematis, which took 3 years to recover. Then it was the back hedge.  (Picture a couple homos with a borrowed chain saw. What could possibly go wrong?)

Then it was the dogwood. And the potted jasmine and hibiscus, which move indoors every fall. This year, the hydrangea-like bush on the front corner of the house, which I took down to one-third its former size.

Every year it’s the same response from Ricky. A mournful sigh, an eye roll and a pronouncement of “Well, I’m pretty sure you’ve killed that one.” And every year it’s the same response from me: “Oh, it will be just fine” while I secretly hope that he’s not right, even though I’m pretty sure he is, because in this instance like everything else in life, I tend to go too far.

Stay tuned.

Today’s Gay Agenda: Put the hedge trimmer down and take  two steps backward.

One thought on “Gays in the ‘hood, 2”

  1. Too far?? Never!! Right to the edge perhaps, but not too far. 😉

    When you pick up the hedge trimmer again feel free to overdo in my yard – it is abysmal this year. I must confess though – when I trim I do the same – it is like a bowl cut gone wrong. 😉

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