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    2012 - 07.04

    Well, when the 80′s hit I was in my late teens and early 20′s and ready to get out in the world and make it happen. For some reason unbeknownst to me, I’ve always had this weird ability to set my sights on a goal and make that goal a reality.

    All without harming anyone nor winding up in jail.

    Well, where I came from, young men grew up, got married, had some kids, built or bought a nice house, bought a Chevy Silverado and lived a good life.

    And guys like me who intended to do really well added in a Buick Park Avenue or any model of Cadillac and a cabin at “The Lake.”

    I could so do that!

    And the race was on . . . .

    At this same time televangelism was at its peak. Beautiful people with big expensive smiles and big expensive hair were all over TV touting that God was our new best friend, and He was not only willing but just waiting to make anything a reality!

    Just as long as we were really really really sincere when we asked Him.

    Well, what more could a man grounded in faith ask for? A very best friend God who was just waiting to help me with whatever drama was adversely affecting my Christ-centered life?

    Today’s Gay Agenda: Finally. A cure for this whole male attraction. All I had to do was ask!


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    5 Responses to “And then . . . .”

    1. Marie says:

      This is why I’m bothered by the recent firing of the parochial school teacher: As a non-practicing Catholic, (the only religion I’ve ever known), I disagree with the church’s stance on gay marriage, amongst other things. I truly believe that love is love. The God I know and love is the God that would never deny that awesome feeling of true love.

      Maybe it’s time for me to research other faith practices. Any ideas?

      • Avatar of Mac Mac says:

        Hi Marie, as far as any specific denomination I really don’t have any recommendation. From a personal point of view, I find groups that teach/believe in a higher power (whatever that may be) whose only commandment is to treat all of creation with the honor and respect deserved of God’s children. Pretty simple stuff, and not nearly as fun as categorizing humans and their behavior and then creating a hierarchy to figure out who’s going to spend eternity where.

    2. Rainbird says:

      >Just as long as we were really really really sincere when we asked Him.

      …and sent money.

    3. Avatar of Jon Lindgren Jon Lindgren says:

      Elaine and I just stopped by the home of a couple of men to get some of their fresh rubbarb.

      If I were a religious person, I would thank God they are gay (and have so much extra rubbarb).

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