I now pronounce you: Worthy of Publication

Unless your space ship just landed in Fargo, or you’re one of the few who never picks up a newspaper or watches tv, you’ve been made aware of the controversy surrounding The Forum’s refusal to print the announcement of the upcoming marriage of two local women in New York.

My understanding is that the story got picked up virtually world wide, and the paper was filled with letters on both sides of the controversy.

The Gay Agenda even had its second most read blog post in nearly three years.

Clearly the public has strong opinions on which couples in long term, committed relationships should be allowed the benefit of existing laws that protect them, their assets, and provide certain tax advantages.

In my opinion, straight people should be allowed one marriage only, and after that they never again get to receive the legal benefits of marriage.

However, they can have as many church weddings as they can afford, and that the ladies aide is willing to clean up after.

But I disgress.

It is impossible for me to believe The Forum has never had a request to publish a same-gender marriage announcement. Mainly because Ricky and I were declined 6 years ago. Probably still have the e-mail, knowing Ricky.

Again, I digress.

All that being said, I wholeheartedly support The Forum’s new policy on printing marriage announcements. While I find commitment ceremonies endearing, and civil unions ‘marriage lite’ I agree that there are now enough opportunities for couples to get legally married that those who want to do it, can. As an enthusiastic supporter of marriage, I applaud those who are willing to sign the contract and make it legal.

Six years ago, Ricky and I chose Winnipeg over London simply because our friends and families could more easily join us in Winnipeg, and we could use the travel resources required for an English extravaganza to throw a big back-yard bash when we got home.

BTW, Canadian law states that either Ricky or I would have to become a Canadian citizen for one year before we could divorce. I wonder how many ‘preserve traditional marriage’ types would be willing to go forward with their marriage knowing they’d have to move to a foreign country for one year before they could get divorced?

More digression.

Thanks Fargo Forum, for stepping up and doing the right thing. Finally.

Today’s Gay Agenda: Get “I never delete anything” Ricky to find that old e-mail declining our announcement and let The Forum know someone in the Celebrations department has been pissing off lots of gay couples over the years without their knowledge.



9 thoughts on “I now pronounce you: Worthy of Publication”

  1. Good for The Forum, they have taken the high road: publish announcements of all legal marriages. Period. Equality for all!

  2. Oh give me a break. The Forum didn’t take the high road, they succumb to political pressure from a fly by night whiney special interest group. They simply didn’t want to listen publically to your crying. Can’t you see any forest thru the trees? Do you think they wanted to do this? Do you think they feel this is what the readers want to see over their morning coffee and toast? The flaunting of ill moral values via psychologically challenged individuals is not news.

    But Hey! I’ve got a great idea! Let’s all make dumb comments about Christians and tell leach other how horrible they are and how badly they treat queers! That always brightens yer day! And I’m sure the squirrel can organize a grand parade to celebrate your great triumph recognized by all the fine citizens of Fargo! I’ll bet they all show! Hmm, but if they don’t, what will that tell us?

    Kind of reminds me of a spoiled kid I once saw who bawled and cried hysterically when the two boys next door didn’t want to play with him. His mother went next door, whined to the neighbor lady until she gave in and forced her sons to play with the first spoiled, temper tantrum enfactuated little whiner. In the end they gave up going outside to play altogether to not have to suffer the political turmoil. Kind of like deja vous huh.

    1. 🙂 Yeah, newspapers do that all the time. That’s why I always skip over the “Muslim Minute” and “The Tea Party Tantrum” and ” Commie Quorum.” Too damn much special interest micro-minorities having their opinions on the front page for people to barf over at breakfast.

      Write a blog, Opie.

      Regarding your analogy, after much of society was forced to realize gay people aren’t all horrors the fundies said we are, they realized we’re pretty much okay. Only with cleaner cars and greener lawns.

  3. In the early 1990’s, I think about 1993, two women made an appointment to see me in the Mayor’s office. They had asked the Forum to publish the announcement of their up coming wedding and the Forum had refused.
    I got the bright idea, not bright politically, to have a news conference about the wedding to the Forum would have to print it. We did that, the story was printed and the couple got married.
    My wife and I attended the backyard wedding. The only problem was a screwball, boyfriend of a daughter I understand, who temporarily disrupped the ceremony and tipped over the cake on his way out of the property.
    Anyway, good for the Forum to come along this far.

  4. I have learned that no matter how hard I try, I can not get two bolts tegether or two nuts to do the job either that was originally designed by a wise purpose that a nut and bolt were geniously invented to succeed. God had an ingenious plan for all humankind that consisted of a man and woman for purposes of procreation (which itself has been under attack for many years). Our Soddom and Gamorah moment is being expidited because of our refusal to turn back to God. FyI – I love all Gods creation and reject the “hate” definition of my christian stance. You love the individual as we are taught to reject the sin itself.

  5. I get such a kick out of Christians whining about being attacked when it’s their basher fringe that has always thrown the first punch!Why aren’t they attending to their own business–monitoring their own sinfulness–instead of voyeuristically dwelling on the private behaviors of others?
    To the self-righteous: Removing the log from your eye can vastly improve your world view–and give the rest of us a much needed break from things like gross/cutesy name calling.

  6. I think this is a great step forward and why shouldn’t the newspaper, a hopefully unbiased forum for news and information in the community change their policy. To the naysayers, I guess my question has always been, how does it affect you? How does it affect you personally? Your relationships? Have they changed? My guess is not.

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