Get a job, man

It occurs to me that I seem to rely alot on old phrases. Here’s another one: you do what you gotta do.

When I reached the point where things were falling apart and decided that enough was enough. I packed up and moved to Fargo and started a new life.

At age 35, with only some college education I knew the job prospects in a town that cranked out thousands of college graduates each year was going to be a HUGE challenge. In those days, internet was just getting going, and there were companies that actually interviewed you and wrote a resume.

I paid $200 and had a professionally done resume.

That resume got me a job as a supervisor at a growing regional company and paid me $10.50 per hour. It also had full health benefits, and my kids needed health insurance.

That was a big deal. That was the fall of 1999.

In the summer of 2000 I went shopping for a gift for my son’s 13th birthday. I bought him the latest ‘N Sync CD:;encoding=jpg;size=300;fallback=defaultImage

The reason I bought him that cd was because if I was going to drive to his hometown to visit him on his birthday, $12 was all the money I could afford to spend and still buy gas to make the 150 mile round trip.

That was my reality.

By 2003, things had come a long way and I had this waiting for him on his 16th birthday:

That was also the year I bought my first Mercedes Benz. A 2000 ML320.


Becoming a professional success wasn’t as hard as one might think. At that time I had basically no friends, no family, no social connections and no money. I really had nothing to do but work.

You do what you gotta do.

I had someone from my old life contact me in 2006 and tell me that I had traded my place in Heaven for material successHe’d learned that Ricky and I were soon going to Winnipeg and getting married. This took him over the edge.

I have absolutely zero doubt that if I were homeless and lying in the gutter, this same man would have hunted me down to tell me that God was expressing his displeasure at my turning my back on what was good and right by engaging in homosexual acts.

I started writing this exceptionally personal series a few weeks ago in response to something I’d read where God was going to no longer smile on the citizens of Minnesota if they shook their fists at Him and rebelled by ‘allowing’ gays to marry eachother.

Whatever your level of spirituality might be, I offer you this:

When you stop lying, your life will get better. You will learn exactly who loves you for who you are, and who only loved you for the things you could do for them.

If you’re the type who believes God rains blessings on those He favors, I believe he showers those blessings on those who embrace Truth and treat every fellow human as brothers and sisters and children of God. If you’re not that type, life is generally better when you embrace truth and treat people decently.

If you’re the type who believes God brings health and wealth to those who follow His word, I’m example of overcoming bad genes and bouncing back from not one but two heart attacks. And while I’ll never be wealthy, I live the life I could only dream of back in the day. If you’re not the type who believes that, I think success comes more easily to those who are not living in fear, and who don’t have a mind and spirit filled with angst and despair; constantly wondering ‘what if’? Unrelenting stress causes health problems.

And if you’re the type who thinks I traded my place in Heaven for material success, I’d say to you . . . .

I think you know what I’d say.

Today’s Gay Agenda: Time to lighten up and write about something like fashion or our trip to Boca Rotan last week to shop for a retirement home!

3 thoughts on “Get a job, man”

  1. I’ve followed this weblog for a couple years now and have seen several instances of commentators playing God: judgmentalism, verbal smitings, passing sentences of eternal fire and damnation, etc. So, in that spirit, today I’m going to play “If I were God….”
    If I were God, I would first of all be most pleased to see Authenticity in every part of my creation; being true to my design would be the most sincere form of worship. Next, in my human creatures, I would want to see Empathetic Compassion—not pity for someone seen as “something less”, but a genuine “feeling with” and “feeling for” others.
    Wow, this game is really exhausting—and makes me feel kind of crazy!

  2. One more thing…..if I were God, I’d be looking at all the good things in your life now, and high-fiving with all the angels! 🙂

  3. Great that you share all this, Mac. The highs and lows of experience you have had dwarf those most others of us have had.

    Hope you had a successful trip to Bocca Rotan.

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