Pride Week in FM

Today’s Forum carries a story about Pride Week in Fargo-Moorhead, along with the organized activities scheduled.

FM Pride week took shape 13 years ago, and has grown into a highly visible, family friendly week-end where gay people go on display for straight people to see we’re not quite as scary as they may have thought. 🙂

Even after 13 years, I’m expecting some nasty letters to appear in The Forum over the next few days, so I’m going to outline the differences between a gay public celebration and a straight public celebration:

  • Pride parades show people in outrageous and shocking costumes that sometimes encourage spectators to behave in inappropriate ways. Straight parades, ala Mardi Gras do not.
  • Pride parades often feature organizations that have clearly been overconsuming alcohol during their march. Straight parages, ala St Patrick’s Day parade in NYC do not.
  • Pride events encourage generalized debauchery and wanton sexual promiscuity. Straight events ala WeFest do not.
  • Pride events promote a specific lifestyle that many find objectionable and in conflict with God’s design. Straight events ala Marian Eucharist Congress do not.

But there’s also a couple things gay and straight celebrations have in common:

  • A generalized celebration of things good.
  • An opportunity to educate and enlighten.
  • An opportunity for individuals who normally may not interact to interact.
  • An opportunity to kick-back and have some fun.

Today’s Gay Agenda: Thanks Fargo Moorhead for  continuing to host this fun event. As much as I enjoy the festivities, I equally look forward to the day when Gay Pride is no more necessary than Lutheran Pride.




7 thoughts on “Pride Week in FM”

  1. I enjoyed your tongue in cheek remarks about St Patricks Day parades and We FEST….it is hard to find more debauchery anywhere than at WE Fest each year. Usually there are deaths from alc ohol poisoning or someone being run over by a pickup truck.
    This year there was ONLY a gang rape.
    We FEST is the most unhealthy thing that occurs in our entire many brain and liver cells are permanetly destroyed??????

  2. Once upon a time some people wanted a unicorn. They could not find one because they don’t exist. This did not stop them. They bought a horse and fashioned a horn which they attached to it’s forehead. “Now we have a unicorn!” and they celebrated. Others pointed out to them that it was not really a unicorn but the response was “It is because we say it is and we want it to be one!” Eventually they were able to persuade some of the rulers (who were eager to pander to this crowd) to pass a law legalizing unicorns. “Now we have a unicorn because the law says so!” And they were very happy. But it was still just a horse with a horn attached.

    1. Not quite sure what your point is, but I’m pretty sure gay people do in fact exist.

      If you’re talking about marriage, I can only say that straight people long ago made the sanctity of marriage a mockery.

      Until straight people figure out how to marry a person of the opposite gender and remain committed and faithful to them until one of them is dead, I’m not interested in hearing any of their reasons why selling documents that provide legal protections should be reserved exclusively for them.

  3. Those who fashioned a fake unicorn appear to be a lot like those who insist that some people should deny who they really are and fashion a fake life for themselves–just to satisfy those who see someone “different” or “unique” as being “less” or “bad”.

    1. It’s always been an oddity that humans work really hard to gain the acceptance of people they cannot stand and do not care about.

      Did it myself for years.

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