I wanna condo in Boca

Ricky and I are at that certain age: time to stop buying every shiny thing that catches our fancy and think about how we’re going to pay for all those shiny things we want to buy when we’re too old to work anymore.

Ricky’s at the peak of his profession. And if he steps it up a bit, he could even earn more.

I was at the peak of my earning capacity in corporate world in this particular market, but for reasons to numerous to mention decided the private sector is where I’d take it to the next level.

So far, so good. 🙂

That being said, we’ve got about 10 years to build the assets necessary to support me in the fashion to which I’ve become accustomed.

No small task.

Unless you’ve never read a newspaper or watched TV news the past 10 years, you’re well aware that the real estate market in resort cities and retirement communities has taken a bloodbath. It’s totally crashed and burned, creating a mecca of opportunity for aging homos like Ricky and Brad to swoop in and purchase a retirement home at a fraction of it’s value.

Ricky spent 20 years living in New York, so imagine his surprise when I began chanting that familiar east-coast WASP whine:


Today’s Gay Agenda: Stay tuned for Ricky and Brad’s adventure in (hopefully) buying a retirement home in Boca Raton…

3 thoughts on “I wanna condo in Boca”

    1. Hey, I missed this one! Can you imagine the vacuum in the FM business, education, arts and philanthropic community if Ricky and I left?

      Au contraire, we shall remain here enriching the lives of many for decades to come!

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