Come fly with me

Ricky travels alot for his work. Alot. Mostly Western Europe, some in the US and back in the day a fair amount to China and Australia.

This racks up alot of frequent flyer miles. Which means Brad gets to travel some, too.

All those miles means I often get a trip to Europe for the $100 airline booking fee. Flyer miles trips sometimes have ridiculous routing and layovers, but for 100 bucks I can deal with it. Combine my $100 airline tickets with sharing Ricky’s company accomodations and suddenly I’m a poor white trash jet-setter who only has to worry about hauling home my new shoes from where ever I’ve been.

So, when Ricky and I travel on our own dime, things are significantly different.

Our real estate venture to Boca started out with late night Price Line airfare shopping. Ricky found a good fare, just under $400 per person round trip from Fargo. Which is not too bad.

(sidebar: airfare from Fargo is a crapshoot. I’ve flown Fargo to Venice Italy round trip for $850, and from Fargo to Minneapolis round trip for $650. go figure)

There was just one, not so slight problem: the routing took us all over the United States, making for a 9 hour travel day, and one of the connections had a whopping 25 minute layover between flights. On different airlines. From different concourses.

Yeah, that’s gonna work.

Travel day came and we dropped sexy SUV at the dealership for ‘service b’, phoned the bank and set up a third mortgage to pay for ‘service b’ upon our return and headed for the airport to have some lunch before we took off.

When we finished lunch, we looked at the departure screen and don’t you suppose our departure plane had not yet arrived in Fargo and we were delayed one hour.

Our entire travel itinerary was now down the drain.


When we eventually made it to Denver, of course our connection to Pheonix was out of the picture, so now we’d have a 5 hour layover to get connected to Phoenix and then on to Boca; arriving just after midnight.


So, we hunkered down in Denver, visiting various cocktail lounges and snacking to our heart’s content.

I got bored and wanted to go to the main terminal to do a little shopping. The minute we stepped out of security I realized my boarding pass was with the gate agent, waiting for immediate seat assignment when the seats were ‘opened up’.

Ricky had his boarding pass.  She only needed one to pull the flight info for both of us. Ricky gave her mine.

The Transportation Safety Administration has a funny thing about letting people into secured areas without boarding passes.

They don’t.

The day just keeps getting better!

I dug through my brief case/man purse and found an old boarding pass from the flight missed earlier in the day. Ricky and I then looked for who seemed to be the most gregarious TSA agent and got in her line. Ricky stepped up with his boarding pass and we both started yakking a million miles and hour. She chatted right on back looking at Ricky’s ID and pass and letting him through. I continued whatever chain of conversation we were having and she looked at my ID and long expired boarding pass . . . .

And let me through. Whew.

We then went on and found a cocktail lounge we hadn’t tried yet and kicked back for the remaining hour and a half of our layover.

We eventually made it to Boca, about 6 hours later than we’d anticipated. We figured our under $400 airline tickets ended up costing us about $525 each when you factored in $25 airport restaurant burgers and $15 martinis.

Add to that the awkwarness of my elderly aunt having to pick us up at the airport at 1 a.m. rather than 7 p.m. as we originally planned and you get the picture.

Our real estate venture in Boca was off to a GREAT start!

Today’s Gay Agenda: I’d done my research. We had it narrowed down to 15 properties and knew exactly what we wanted to buy.