Legal discrimination

There’s a disturbing article in this afternoon’s on-line edition of InForum. Take a moment to read:

Gay football player dismissed from team

While this incident is sad and will probably anger a number of people, the North Dakota reality is this coach acted perfectly within the bounds of the law.

You see, in North Dakota it is legal to fire someone for being gay. North Dakota reality is your boss can call you into her office and say “You’re gay, you’re fired” and have zero legal consequences.

In North Dakota, a landlord can legally say “we don’t allow homosexuals to rent in this building” and that’s within the bounds of the law.

In North Dakota, a restaurant can have a sign in the window that says “no homosexuals served here” and that’s legal.

Fortunately, public opinion tends to move at least a decade faster than legislation. Businesses learned a long time ago discriminating against anyone is bad for business, and if there are any left that still do, I’d suspect they’re breathing their last breaths.

I’m thinking a personal note to the coach along with the President of the college is in order.


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  1. Jeez Squirrel, take a pill. Enough of your over dramatizing a situation by making fictitious comments about make believe scenarios. Name just one apartment building or restaurant that has a sign like you describe. You try to make crap up to over dramatize your weak arguments all the time. This is just like you to go overboard making up fake scenarios to try to drive a point.

    Regarding the kid, it seems they have more than one reason listed to dismiss him and the coach deserves a medal for standing up for his team. Sounds like what he did was entirely within his legal rights as well, or are you whining that somebody obeyed the law? Pretty weak.

    So why do you think the kid denied being gay to begin with? Did he have something to be ashamed of? Maybe he has more merit than some give him credit for. He at least recognize how the general public perceives he and his old man (pun intended).

    1. Alright, this gets a point by point response:

      I gave examples of legal actions that are not prohibited by law in the state of ND.

      There is no law that requires coaches to dismiss gay athletes from their team. Much as perhaps some would like. The coach was not ‘following’ the law.

      I suspect the kid denied being gay because he’s encountered way too many people such as yourself that have made his life difficult.

      A gay student that quits college because the coaches and administration make the college experience unpleasant for him deserves the support of anyone with enough character and balls to stand up for them.

      Take me on any time butter-cup, but back off on the 18 year old kid.

    2. Since you seem to be so knowledgeable about the situation Opie, please tell us why the underage kid caught in a bar wasn’t released from the team. That kid actually broke the law. Or how about the football members who threw a party at their house and had underage people there partying with them. Why weren’t they released from the team for breaking the contributing to the delinquency of a minor law.

      This kid was released from the team for one simple reason. His coach is a homophobe. Just like you.

      1. You think you know it all, you tell me. I haven’t seen any evidence the kid wasn’t breaking half a dozen rules. Only the queer club is allowed to jump to conclusions.

        1. If you read the article, you’ll see the coach dismissed him for lying about being gay. Didn’t say anything about lying about underage drinking or voter fraud or anything like that.

          1. Okay looking back you’re probably right, the coach probably stretched the hell out of the rules because he cared only about the team’s image and knew he couldn’t tell the world what he was really thinking. Cha Ching$$ and public ratings.

        2. I wasn’t talking about the guy who got released from the team. I was talking about his team mates who got into trouble but it has been ‘hushed’ up by the school and the athletes in question were not removed from the team.

          That being said, this kid was removed from this team for the wrong reasons.

  2. Why would I back off a person just for his age when he’s old enough to vote, go to war, and hold all other rights of an adult? Where’s that cut off supposed to be, at age 25 years 2 months and 3 days? Give me a break. You’re an adult at 18. That doesn’t mean all the benefits and none of the responsibilities

    And as far as things that are not illegal in ND, you missed it is not illegal for queers to picket for gay rights yelling descriptions of their fetish on the sidewalk near a grade school or cu scout event. You pick only the ficticious scenarios that paint an unreasonable and leading picture of the garbage you want to spread.

    Obviously you don’t think there’s anything wrong with having a representative of a State School sponsored activity making out in public with someone of the same sex far older than could be his grandfather? I guess that’s normal behavior in your world, not for the rest of us. Any port in a storm I guess is still your moto. That would be your opinion, not any normal person’s response.

    I assume he denied being gay because he was ashamed, not pressured. I can accept that.

    If he quit school because he had a temper tantrum why is the coach or society to blame? He’s an adult, although a strange one, and he made an adult choice. Why is it your group always has to cry the world has done something wrong when one of yours has something go wrong in their lives? This is a recurring pattern and problem. Perhaps this is where you should direct your efforts more often to answer this question.

    1. I stand by my statement: take on old fags like me and Ricky. We can mop the floor with guys like you, not that we’d risk ruining our exotic hardwood and figuring out how to get the smell out of the house.

      There are far too many gay kids jumping off bridges and disappearing into substance abuse because of the hate filled remarks guys like you make. It needs to stop, and I for one am thankful the few remaining pockets of homophobia will die with this generation.

      And until they die, I’m going to rub their faces in how fabulous gay life can be for those willing to stop pretending they’re not.

      Not that that’s why you’re so angry. 🙂

      1. snif snif, have a kleenex squirrel. Once again you can’t write a single post without blaming others for problems queers have. Mop the floor? If you only knew how big a fool you made of yourself that time.

        1. Actually, I believe guys like you are nearly 100% responsible for the despair gay teens feel when they decide life on this earth is not worth living.

          Sleep well, my friend.

          I will continue to give gay teens and their parents hope that gay people can live the dream. And gloat about it to the less fortunate such as yourself whose only sense of manhood is dissing fags.

          Now, go rub your mom’s bunions. Oh, I heard Craig’s list is full of BBW looking for action. Check it out.

          1. Hey squirrel. I’ve got a hypothesis for you. Let’s look at the general population of 18 year old college students who have sugar daddies, I mean significant others in their 60’s or 70’s. Hmmm, statistically that usually correlates to the younger student looking a cheap way to make a buck for school eh? You know I hear it’s so popular there are even web sites that specialize in getting these two age groups together. I wouldn’t outright accuse this outstanding young man of it, but I would say there’s statistically at least a 90% chance he’s a male for sale. Statistically speaking of course! But even if he was I’m sure you’d find a way to blame society for that too. That is what you do.

          2. So Opie, do you think the same way about Hugh and Holly? I bet when you watch that show you are like.. ‘Go Get’em Old dude’.

            It doesn’t matter what the age of the guy was, now all you are doing is trying to muddy the water. But then what would anyone expect anything less from someone like you.

          3. maveric, that was an extremely stupid post, even for you. What’s the difference between male whores and female whores? A whore is a whore. Are you predjudice more so against one cetain group? Seems so. Of course only your group is allowed to do that, I keep forgetting.

          4. “Are you predjudice more so against one cetain group?” Well aren’t you the pot calling the kettle black. My question was simple, you were calling him a whore in your cleverly disguised diatribe above.. My question was do you support a hetero version of it, because I have no doubt in my mind that it isn’t as big of a deal for you for an old man to have a young woman on his arm. It is SOP for Republicans.

            So why does he have to be a male for sale? It isn’t that I approve of that large of an age gap, in fact at my age I wouldn’t date someone of that age. But if your wholy righteousness (the misspelling was intentional) isn’t up in arms about Hugh, you have no reason to even open your trap about this.

          5. Anyone who watches Hugh Hefner and his collection of whores and their reality TV programs has no life. Second, your trying to bring Republicans into this dialogue just revealed your political prowess? And yes I have if anything more right to express my thoughts than you after that last pathetic rant. Reread it once. You should count to ten and go fix your make up before hitting submit.

          6. You still didn’t answer the question. You have deftly tried to avoid it, but you didn’t answer it. You called Hugh ‘girls’ whores.. but you haven’t stated whether or not you disapprove of an older man with a younger woman.

            So does that Donald Trump’s wife is a ‘whore’? Most of his wives are at least 30 years younger than he is. The current one was born in 1970.

            To answer your question, I’m an Independent with a little Libertarian and Democratic thrown in for Flavor. I believe in my right to own weapons.. I believe in a woman’s right to choose. i believe in limited government.

  3. Hey Opie, glad to hear you admit you form your opinion of a person based on whom they choose to love.

    As a father of a 23 year old daughter who’s dating a 30 year old man who’s dated lots of women, I’ve painfully learned to practice what I preach in regard to who people choose to spend their time. It has not been the easiest journey.

  4. Congratulations, you have a warm blooded daughter who makes normal life choices. Seven years difference can make a difference at times no doubt, still I wouldn’t sht all over it even as a father. Seeing as how she statistically should outlive him if they stayed together, and he’s already got one helluva head start I’d be concerned for her best interests though. That’s what father’s do.

    Don’t see what that has to do with young whores for hire though. There’s an epidemic of it in this country now-a-days and usually college crowds where it’s seen most. I’ll rest behind statistically overwhelming evidence any 18 year old college kid doing a 65 year old is most likely a whore making a living. I never accused him of it, but face facts, that’s the statistically most viable explanation. We’re not talking 7 years here, we’re talking something freaking weird, gay or straight. If you can’t recognize that you are probably in favor of pedophilia too since you don’t see any boundaries related to age in these matters.

    These coaches are paid a fortune to build their teams and to endorse behavior which is representative of the image they want to portray to the general public. This is about money! Hell Craig Gotta Bohl makes approximately half million dollars a year from NDSU. Do you think they worry about fair, legal, rationale in any of their decisions? Hell no, it’s about MONEY! They don’t care in the least about their players, it’s big money at work. Same for the schools. I could type a 500 page book on this topic so won’t even go there. I could back it with quotes from some of the top officials in the state but they were made in private so I won’t go there either. Facts are facts and even you should understand the principles behind this decision. Don’t think this kid is special. If someone in the school choir refuses to meet a dress code they can be dismissed as well. Behavior detrimental to the group is grounds for dismissal, period. He was just a person who was embarrassing the team so had to go. For all we know they had many valid reasons as well, but even if they did not he had to go $$$.

    1. So if that is the case then, there are 10 NDSU players that should have gotten the boot. The amount of media Bohl’s criminals have generated between the newspapers and tv should have been more than enough to ensure they were eliminated.. But it wasn’t.

      I will agree with you though, college sports is nothing more than about $$$

      1. Don’t think it will ever happen again but U agree 100% on this one. They should be suspended or kicked off, but the NDSU machine only cares about cash, not people. Losing teams have lower ticket sales and bad publicity hurts endowments. All they see is $$$. They are a pathetic bunch. I would wager if this 18 year old kid in today’s paper would have been their star running back he would have had campus money defending him too.

        1. Sometimes I hate that I get e-mail updates on this blog page to my iPhone.

          That being said . . . it’s of note that there seems to be a standard in the state of ND that football players who show their p#$is to someone that may shock midwestern white men are sumarily dismissed from the football team.

          However, election fraud is pooh-pooed and the poor victims are . . . media victims.

          Now, go wake up you momma and rub her bunions.

          1. Actually I’ve never said it before, didn’t even think I ever would, but my mother is actually a very old and sickly Catholic woman who has very little time left. One of the last things she did was to give the vast majority of her wealth to three charities. Course you never did have taste, brains or manners. Enjoy it though, and I’m sure you will. It’s just another example of pathetic. All you’re doing is making my point.

  5. Ricky and I are six years apart. It didn’t seem like a big deal when I was 39 and he was 45. Now that we’re 49 and 55 it doesn’t matter at all.

    Don’t take this the wrong way . . . . it saddens and concerns me that an 18 year old young man made this choice. I’d like to bitch-slap the geezer who’s . . . . enough said.

  6. Opinionated Ignorance, hatred, and arrogance abound in your every comment. If your purpose in being active on The Gay Agenda site is to somehow speak for “The Straight Agenda” you are really doing a hatchet job. The Gay Agenda posts and responds to comments in a manner that successfully educates and enlightens the public in regards to what it’s like to be gay in this country at this time in our history. Hopefully it won’t be an issue that needs attention in the future, but for now, because people in “the land of the free and the home of the brave” are living as second-class citizens, there needs to be a dialogue. If you, Opinionated, represent those who are oppose to the gay lifestyle, your arguments do more to validate The Gay Agenda than tear it apart. If that is your intention, keep up the good work. If not, well then……well, you know…..

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