Sin is Sin?

Lots of dialog about the upcoming measure in Minnesota to constitutionally reinforce discrimination laws that allow state and federal law to only apply to certain individuals and couples.

The argument tends to be based on defending traditional biblical marriage. You know, the one where one man marries as many women as he can afford to take care of?  And where men are commanded to marry their brother’s widow? And where when it’s determined a woman is not a virgin on her wedding night she’s to be taken to the edge of town and stoned to death?

Damn inconvenient truths. But I digress.

Today’s paper carries a story about student discussion at one of our local colleges where support of the marriage amendment uses the slogan ‘sin is sin’.

Before I go any further, if you’re a Bible literalist and are reading this, please stop. It’s Sunday and reading is working. 4th Commandment.

I consider Ricky and I experts on sin.

Until we started the South Beach diet, we did not treat our bodies as a temple. We consume a fair amount of alcohol. We do not remember the Sabbath Day to keep it holy.

I have a serious coveting issue.

I’ve been known to curse like a drunken sailor.

I’ve dated a drunken sailor.

But I really struggle to understand how the life Ricky and I share is sin.

Again, if you’re a Bible literalist and still reading this, you are risking eternal damnation. Phone your divorced aunt Linda and try get her to repent. Then call your mom. 5th Commandment

We love and care for each other. We put an end to promiscuity a long time ago. We pay our taxes.

Young men and women who fear being gay means living a life in the shadows of society see us together as a couple everywhere.

Parents who fear their GLBT child will live a life of solitude see our marriage as an example that same gender couples can have the same human experience that opposite gender couples do when two spirits are united in love and devotion. Sometimes we’re secretly smug because we know opposite gender couples who envy the electric chemistry we share.

Ricky and I have alot of sin in our lives. I’m pretty sure there’s plenty we’re not even trying to fix. There’s lots of ways to describe what Ricky and I share, but sin is not one of them.

Today’s Gay Agenda: Still trying to figure out how denying some people the right to marry helps people who are already married.




18 thoughts on “Sin is Sin?”

  1. For the first time in my life I feel I finally understand the other side. I’ve denied it for years now, but alas, I have to admit they do have a reason for how they feel and live. Yes, Bulimic people throw up not just for a chosen dietary practice, but because they sometimes read the tripe spewed by good old squirrel.

    Now I have no reason to go where you do with distorting the facts to blame Christians, but since you are incapable of writing a blog without doing so I’ll be brief. It’s not just Christians who despise this group, it’s also Hinduism, Judaism, Islam, Shintoism, many others who will not accept this as a morale or acceptable way of society. Basically 90% or more of the human population around the world despise this topic, which by definition makes it a special interest group. Oh yeah, and that by definition means we do not owe it anything no matter how many bleeding heart stories are published.

    But this is not a religious topic unless you force it to be. I have no church, though you’ve accused me of it countless times not knowing your facts, it is a morale and societal issue. Focus on s few things besides the Catholics for once. Every employer would need to provide all medical and other benefits to this group as well. And where would it stop? Actually where should it stop? Every argument you use could also be used to allow the ceremony of marriage to be desecrated for reasons like how about cousins getting married? Do you stop at 3rd or 2nd or even 1st cousins? Hell, why not brother and sisters if they really do love each other? What age exactly would constitute Pedophilia? Who is really hurt in the practice of Bestiality? Only your opinion matters so what are these definitions as defined by your totally unprejudiced group?

    You’d never stop at just this anyway. Next would be every other 1st Amendment right you’d want manipulated to force your ag3endas on the world. You wouldn’t quit until every church was forced to honor your ceremonies in their walls. Every family Restaurant was forced to serve and honor your receptions publically. No school teachings could be held that did not give you equal time. Ah yes, 8th and 9th grade science classes would no longer teach about how reproduction works in the human body unless they gave equal and 50% time to describing queer intercourse.

    For today you can continue to hold all the meaningless mock marriage ceremonies you wish , but socan everyone else in the world so again we seem to have equal rights there too. But that’s probably just the crazed homophobic Nazi in me surfacing again. That is what you refer to everyone in the world being who doesn’t tattoo your logos on their arms or butts right?

    It’s good to be back, it’s been a long while since I’ve had time to share meaningful bits of truth with your group. Perhaps someday you’ll find a way to exist without lashing out at the entire heterosexual world just because they do not wish to have their children exposed to what they feel are immoral practices. Of course that would be hateful of them right? Ciao squirrel.

  2. Hi Mac – just have to say I 100% agree with your agenda – your marriage does not affect mine or any other relationship. If there are those who do believe that, they may have some more serious issues to consider. Last I read, over 50% of the country now is for equal marriage for all; it’s not enough but it’s a step in thr right direction!

  3. “The wicked freely strut about when what is vile is honored among men.” (Psalm 12:8)

    With earthquakes and tsunamis rumbling, radiation spewing, crops withering, and the economy crumbling, now is not the time to be shaking our fist in the Almighty’s face.

    1. Did you actually read the letter? He told her that in her job she needed to be more responsible about her health as she was in a role model position. It just goes to prove that people like you and her are a good reflection of an America that’s turned into a bunch of pussys that can’t stand a little constructive criticism. You’ve all become so “sensitive” about everything that you’re afraid to tell the truth and even less so to hear it. Why the anger squirrel? Unwilling to accept reality?

  4. Seriously James. If she’d lose some weight and gain some ambition you could have some nicer things.

    Please know I say this out of love and concern for you and your fat wife.

  5. I cannot wait for everyone to have the same right to all be equally happy (or not, as the case might be)in marriage. It should be a non issue. My girlfriend lives in Colorado and had to file a domestic partnership to be allowed rights that are automatically given in a marriage. If you love each other, are in a committed relationship, live together, and want to be married you should have that right. And yes, I am a Christian. Quite a number of Christians believe in equality on this issue. It makes me sad and angry that someone I love, someone who stood up as a witness for my husband and myself 20 years ago when we were married, is still not able to,have those same rights in our state.

  6. James, I was watching the morning news shows when this story came out and saw her on The Today Show.

    Why should she give a rat’s ass what Beuford in Illinois thinks about her appearance? Why does he think she should care?

    That being said, if your wife would do something about her bad complexion she would feel so much better. Also, they give free make-up lessons at the department stores.

    Said in love, only wishing you the best.


  7. I certainly don’t appreciate you and your name calling. I am neither fat or lazy. Whatever you are discussing with my husband i would appreciate it if you leave me out of it. It doesn’t say much about you or your agenda when you insult peoiple you’ve never met or even talked with.

    1. It doesn’t say much about you or your agenda when you insult peoiple you’ve never met or even talked with.

      Oh, James’ wife . . . I couldn’t have said it better.

      I only want the best for you. Try the South Beach diet. (see post above)

      Even if no one else will say it I will: when someone tells you to haul ass, you need to make two trips.

      Just sayin’

  8. OMG James, I totally get it!

    Criticizing other people’s relationships and giving advice to people I’ve never even met is totally fun!

    Now I know why you love doing it.

  9. Hey James,

    Signing off this post. I leveraged two pretty basic stereotypes: males defend the one they love and women are insecure about their body image.

    It would appear I nailed it. 🙂

    Head’s up: I’ve got material for doing a post about how people feel perfectly fine criticizing other people’s relationships, until someone criticizes their own. Probably will layer in some of the horrific things I said about your wife. Who is probably a lovely woman who’s put up with being married to a jerk for lo these many years. 🙂

    Maybe what you felt when I went after your wife can give you just a little glimmer of what I feel when assholes I’ve never met go after Ricky and I. We are real people with real feelings.

    And i would lay down my life, and go to the ends of the earth for him.

    And he for me.

    Tell me that’s ‘sin’.

  10. Well I’ve been pretty nice lately, butaftger listening to you be yourself what the hell. Why don’t you squirrel go and get your pet hamster, shotglass and ugly queer piece of trash butt buddy and have a party. Since this is how you treat others you can share in the same level of respect. No wonder there are so few in your corner.

  11. James & Opie…..Wow! You guys are something else. I’m embarrassed for you. If either of you has an intelligible point that you’re trying to make, you are failing miserably at it. Give it up. Every time you enter a reply on this blog, you expose yourselves as complete morons. That’s it!!! Start your own blog. “The Moron Agenda”.

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