Boca Baby!

Remember a hundred years ago when I was writing about our home shopping experience in Boca Rotan?  And then I suddenly stopped? And then no one heard another word?

It’s because we were trying to buy a stupid short-sale property. Which means the offer goes though 100 layers of bank bureaucracy. And they take 10 weeks to respond to your offer. And then you counter. And they take three weeks to respond. And then you counter again. And they take a few days to respond. And then you counter, and say you’ve had enough and the offer expires at close of business.

And at 4;55 p.m. your agent calls and says they’ve accepted and the property is going into escrow.

That was our reality last Friday afternoon.

Saturday I bought a plane ticket and today I’m getting on a plane and heading out to make sure the home is in the same condition is was last July, and to sign the necessary paperwork to make it ours.

Since I’m going to Boca, Ricky thought it a good idea to bring a few things with. He is concerned that we have an overabundance of bath towels in this home and we should repurpose some in Boca.

I said I was struggling to understand the logic in paying a $20 baggage fee to bring a $20 set of mis-matched towels to Boca.

Then the light bulb went on above Ricky’s head.

I pride myself in smuggling crap out of the house when Ricky’s not looking.

Except for kitchen gadgets.

I don’t know what they are or what they do, or why I see a $200 charge on the AMEX from Creative Kitchen every now and then.

But I don’t care.

I eat well and as long as Ricky keeps the gourmet meals coming my way, I’m fine.

Anyway, Ricky gets the great idea that if I’m going to pay a checked bag fee, I should incorporate some of his excess kitchen gadgets into the orphan towel collection and bring the works to Boca.

So today, I’m hopping in sexy-car and heading to Minneapolis and boarding a SunCountry flight to Boca. And I’m bringing my designer carry-on bag with my essentials for a three day get-away.

And a giant black steamer trunk. Loaded with cast-iron kitchen gear. To stash in the garage until the home is out of escrow and in our possession.

Today’s Gay Agenda: Never a dull moment in Ricky-Brad world. Sincerely feel saddened that Ricky’s too busy to join me and I have to go alone. I’m sure I’ll get over it though.




5 thoughts on “Boca Baby!”

  1. Why do we have to be subjected to this. Any couple (he-she) could experience this same thing. Do we have this pushed in our face just because they are gay? Come on, there are better things to use up electrons on besides this drivel, straight or gay. Please……….

  2. Thanks John! One of my goals is to show were just like other couples, only with greener lawns and cleaner cars.

    To your other point, this post was pretty dull. I’d give it a D+.

  3. pretty dull but very funny… thanks Brad
    and John… if you dont like the subject dont read it, its not in your face you had to go looking for this and “decide” to read it

  4. I thought this was a great post too! This sounds so much like the John (me, not the guy above) & Aimee world that it is hilarious! If I won the lottery tomorrow, one of the first things I would do is hire a big uhaul truck and head out to cooking gadget stores. Positive I would come back with a full load. I look forward to your new experiences down in Boca.

    I had kind of a similar thing happen to me last summer. The Wife and I like to ride our Harleys. I found out about a ride originating out of a camp ground up in northern MN. A weekend deal, arrive Friday, camp, wake up Saturday morning. Everyone gets on their bikes. You put on a couple of hundred miles, drink some beers, hang out with some good folks. Then land back at the campground where they have a big hot tub and relax the night away. It sounded like a good time. I booked it.

    Things started going wrong Friday. I wanted to be on the road by 10am at the latest. But at 11 The Wife was still agonizing over what clothing to bring. We finally got on the road about 3pm. We got lost for a bit, and that added to the travel time. Then we got in the area of the campground just as it was getting dark. I had some google directions, but they were not lining up with what was there. Finally I found a place where it looked like the people were home and went in and asked for some directions. A bridge had washed out years ago, which google seemed to know nothing about. We had to backtrack and then ride 12 miles of gravel roads. I think it was the first time The Wife had ridden gravel. Now it is dark.

    I am starting to think, if we don’t find it now we are in trouble. But then, there it was. We pulled in. Stopped at the gate to sign in. I am thinking, wow, seems kind of quiet here for a biker event. Usually there is some engine noise until all hours. I figured they must have a strict sundown quiet time. We get all signed in and paid. Then the guy says, “Hey, you are on bikes! Too bad you’re not here next weekend. …See we have this biker event coming up…”

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