Come fly with me

Successful blogs (I started with ‘good blogs’ but changed it) 🙂 have a very narrow focus and stick to one topic. There’s so much information coming at people, everyone wants to know what they’ll be getting when they click on a site.

That being said, I stick to writing about current events/politics as it relates to gay rights; plus travel, and entertaining/home.  I layered in the other topics because it’s advised to write what you know, and it’s hard to write about gay rights and not come off as a whiny victim.

That part is really hard because I write about being outraged at some injustice being inflicted on gay people. As long as I’m not too busy living the really wonderful life Ricky and I share.

  • So for a few days, I’m talking about travel!
  • And our home purchase in Boca!
  • And maybe, just maybe I’ll continue to drive that message that same gender couples are not all that different than opposite gender couples, just that we have cleaner cars, greener lawns, and one fabulous adventure after another!

I’m writing in real time. I landed in Boca tonight about 5:30. Turned on my smart phone and actually deleted a couple TGA comments that were so filthy and offensive they couldn’t stay.

Haven’t done that for a while.

Today’s Gay Agenda: Stay tuned to learn why I now have not one, but two airline tickets to Boca in my posession. Plus details on how the home inspection went, and if the closing of the New York Stock Exchange these days is going to affect reallocating investments from securities to cash. (there’s concern. enough said)



6 thoughts on “Come fly with me”

  1. I fail to see why the rights need to be segregated as gay/ straight. Kind of like marriage gay/ straight. Shouldn’t they just be RIGHTS and MARRIAGE? I know it’s a little outside of my norm to take a slight attack as I really do enjoy your blog and although I came a bit late to the equality race I’m in it. Oh and that comes as a straight, conservative male’s viewpoint.

  2. Hey Kory, thanks for the comment. I like the fact that straight, conservative males fully appreciate equal protection under the law means just that.

    For what it’s worth, some of my very best friends are straight, mostly conservative males. And if you ever attended a party I’ve attended, after a glass of wine you’d hear that I believe if either political party could produce a fiscally conservative, socially moderate candidate; they’d sweep the elections.

    1. I agree 100% on the fiscal conservative and socially tolerant (my reinterpretation) candidate. The problem would be getting through the nomination process. There are too many people who want the far right nominee on the ticket and that is counter intuitive to finding someone who conservatives and independents will put in the Oval Office and that is a shame. I’m hoping Gov Romney does win as I believe he’s a better person for the economy and has governed as a moderate. In a few days to a week we should know. Hopefully the ballot counters are working right and we don’t have recounts.

  3. So squirrel, you claim “I stick to writing about current events/politics as it relates to gay rights”. I think most of your comments lately have been lashing out at people who don’t believe in you. You resort to personal attacks upon they and their families. What’s the matter, poor faggot get a run in your panty hose? Maybe if your group treated others more respectfully you wouldn’t be thought of as the pond scum you’ve earned the title to be lately. Try rereading some of your own drivel one day.

      1. If you visited the squirrels site more you’d know I have never until here sent him this kind of message. His, or should I say its, repeated slander to another poster broke the ice. He/it needed to be called what it is for once.

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