Tickets for two?

Yesterday morning started out like almost every single morning at our house: grumbling that Sniffer has taken to chewing the cording/edging off our new Ikea comforter. Me sitting at the kitchen counter reading In-Forum, and Ricky making our usual scrambled eggs breakfast.

We’re on The South Beach diet, remember?

I’d forgotten to check in for my flight Monday night.

President Clinton was at the Civic! Even staunch Republicans like me don’t miss that!

So even though my Sun Country flight was pretty easy to check in at the Humphrey Terminal, I decided to check in on-line while Ricky was finishing breakfast.

Imagine my dismay when the Sun Country site said “Check In too early. Please stop back later.”

I was pretty sure 7 hours was not too early to check in.

So I grabbed my itinery and looked at it a little bit closer.

It seems that I booked my hotel and rental car for the last Tuesday through Friday in October. That’s fine.

And that in my scurry to find the best dates and rates for air travel, I’d mistakenly booked my air for the last Tuesday through Friday IN NOVEMBER!

Unless this is your first visit to TGA, you’re well aware Ricky travels the world for his work. And I often tag along.

Ricky’s been super busy with work, and I’m in a lull at the moment, so I decided to put on my big-boy pants and book all my own travel.

Haven’t done that for years.

Now I had to sit at my perch at the kitchen counter, and tell scambled-eggs-cooking Ricky I had no air travel.

For my flight leaving in 7 hours.

And that I had a home inspection booked.  And  a meeting with the escrow company.  And meetings with the grounds keeper and pool service. And an early move-in agreement in place so I could have some furniture delivered. Providing I had time to shop for some furniture. And hopes of interviewing property management companies that our Realtor might recommend. (I’m very good at scheduling meetings)

And no way to get to Boca and conduct all these meetings.


Today’s Gay Agenda: So, do I cancel the whole trip, or take my chances trying to buy an airline ticket for a flight 7 hours from now, considering all the new TSA regulations?

Will my $295 round-trip ticket now suddenly cost a ridiculous, cost prohibitive amount?

(well, you already know the answer, I’m writing this from Boca;  but this is getting too long.  So stay tuned . . . )