Good Sports

No one likes a sore loser. And no one can stand a smug winner gloating about how great they did.

This past several months I’ve been bracing myself for the results of the MN Marriage Amendment vote. I would have bet my last dollar and jar of wrinkle cream the amendment would have passed.

In fact, I had my point of view all prepared as to how I’d address it on TGA.

But then it turns out I’ve had to reconsider.

It’s taken me a few days to put a point of view together, partially because I returned from Boca last Saturday; spent a few days working in consulting world so I could continue to fund this silly lifestyle; then tagged along with Ricky and daughter Cindy to New York for a few days of Ricky working and Cindy and I shopping and doing tourist stuff.

2012 is poised to go down as an historic year for civil rights of same gender couples.

Besides the fact the US Military has maintained its world dominance for over a year in spite of not kicking high caliber talent out of the ranks for being gay, there were a number of other votes that will shape the lives of gays going forward:

My home state of MN became the first and only one of 33 states to put a Constitutional Amendment vote on the ballot and have the public reject it!

Maine and Maryland voters approved same gender marriage, and the state of Washington continues its fight to stay the public referendum allowing same-gender marriage.

Wisconsin elected its first openly gay Senator (a woman) and Obama became the first President who openly supports same gender marriage to be elected (or in this case, re-elected)

Why’d all that happen?

There’s a huge number of reasons, many we may not fully understand or ever know, but here’s my thoughts:

We’re at the point where almost everyone knows a gay person, and even more often a gay couple. And they basically like them. The greener lawn and cleaner car thing is annoying, but a welcome addition to the neighborhood.

People of faith who embrace all aspects of faith, not just the legalism are conflicted, yet embracing the directive to love one another and save judgment for a higher power. Those drunk on legalism will soon find another group to scorn. They always do.

People of faith are appreciating that gays bring the best dishes to the basement pot-luck; and can whip up a breathtaking Christmas fellowship hall decor with nothing more than a pine cone, a roll of tin foil and some left over Valentine decorations.  Risking the loss of all that is just too much to bear.

I think people in general are realizing they probably wouldn’t like the public voting who they are and are not allowed to marry, nor voting on which sexual activity they could or could not participate in.

And at the risk of sounding Republican, our great country is in horrible financial shape. Regardless of who’s to blame (Bush and the Wall Street Republicans) there’s alot of stuff to fix and we need to focus on that.

That’s going to take the hard work of many. As our President said “We all do well when we all do well.”

And we will do better as a country with each step we take toward acknowledging the value of every individual and every family.

Not just the ones who conform to a certain antiquated, puritan ideal that probably never existed anyway.

Today’s Gay Agenda: Sincerely hope the Republican Party can figure out a way to not alienate the entire eastern seaboard, well over 1/2 of American women, most gay men and women, and the entire Latino population, because these people vote; and they’re voting to hear nothing of the many good things the party brings to our country.


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  1. What? No name calling. No Insulting other peoples beliefs that you don’t agree with? No insulting their wives? How magnanimous of you. Now that you’ve gotten you’re way all the venomous anger that you spit at non-gays is going to stop? No. I don’t think so. I can’t wait to see what the next thing you’re going to want is going to be.

    1. Doesn’t it totally suck when complete strangers feel perfectly entitled to say horrible things about the one you love?

      Too bad your wife married a douche. :). She seems nice.

        1. Unfortunately, my history folder on this site doesn’t go too far back. Here’s a warm-fuzzy you sent my way during a discussion on basing state and federal law on religion:

          Well they shouldn’t be based upon whatever type of perveted sex you practice should they?

          I seem to recall quite a few others that got feedback from other readers as well.

          It appears we have a few things in common:
          We think it’s deplorable when total strangers say unkind things about people they’ve never even met.
          We don’t react in a positive way to insulting comments about our sex lives
          We are fiercely protective of the ones we love

          So, if you wonder why I can be a total a-hole: I’ve listened to that $h!t for 49 years, and it’s really annoyed me for the last 30. After spending the past few months reading and listening to people talk about me and Ricky like we were objects, something snapped and I started tossing it back. You got a taste on one blog page from one bitchy homo on what that feels like. Sucks, doesn’t it?

          Peace man.

          1. What I sais was misinterpreted by you. Homosexual intercourse is by definition “perveted sex”, check your websters. If you take that as an insult then you’re simply ignoring thee facts. I’m not contesting your right to engage in it. It’s a free country. It its not normal behavior for the simple fact that it is a biological dead end. The fact that you have set up this blog in order to promote discussion and have let yourself become the “a-hole” and attack those who show even the least bit of disagreement with you shows that you are extremely intolerant of the beliefs of others. That being said. If I ever meet you face to face you’re going to get a lesson in manners.

  2. Good points James, well taken. So, I indicated my behavior is driven by frustration at being objectified, and having my personal physical and emotional relationships discussed in public by total strangers who feel completely justified in crafting legislation to regulate both. It pisses me off.

    You had strong opinions on gay people long before I started being mean to you. Where did your opinions come from?

    I get the biological dead end argument, kind of; but there’s lots of human behaviors that have no procreation of the species purpose. I think it’s waaaay more than concern about the human species continuing beyond this generation. Besides, acknowledging gay people and their rights does not mean straight people will stop having sex and babies.

    1. He must also think that a Hetero getting a BJ is Perverted Sex then.. Because that surely is a biological dead end..

      So does that mean we all have to do it missionary position? Sheesh.

      Keep it going Mac.. Hopefully one day equality will exist.

  3. My comment pertains to the new attitude of our LGBT brothers and sisters, specifically the snarkiness I’ve seen from Mac on this blog in recent times: After the many decades of hatefulness (verbal and otherwise) they have endured from some in the “straight” world, IT’S ABOUT DAMN TIME LGBT FOLKS DISHED IT RIGHT BACK!!!
    Over those long decades, they have shown amazing restraint.

    For those who have delighted in using terms such as fag, queer, squirrel, etc: Your name-calling only serves to show your gross ignorance.

    For those who insist on quoting a few select verses from scripture to justify your hateful attitude, I quote my Grandmother’s favorite Bible verse when she encountered religio-mania instead of gospel attitudes: “Jesus wept.”

    1. Yes, descending to that level will really promote acceptance Barbara. Ever hear of civil disobedience? The CD attitude has been proven to work. I think that the LGBT crowd also has some responsibility to share for the way they’ve been treated by some because of their “in your face” attitude and behavior. It’s just human nature for people to dislike those who push their agenda on others that really could care less and don’t want to hear it. I mean really. Other than a few vocal people most of us are way too busy just trying to get by than to worry about who’s sleeping with who.

      1. “I think that the LGBT crowd also has some responsibility to share for the way they’ve been treated by some because of their “in your face” attitude and behavior.”

        THEIR “in your face attitude”??? My whole point was that THEY are simply responding in the manner with which THEY have been treated for ages and I think it’s about time that they do so. For how many decades have LGBT people simply hung their heads and TAKEN the abuse?? And who was dishing out that “in your face” abuse??

        1. I can’t remember a time when the GLBT crowd wasn’t “in your face.” and taken any abuse. In fact they seem to dish it out quite and bit, and whine very shrilly. My point is that it has worked against their agenda and will only perpetuate exactly what they’re trying to stop. If Marting luther king and the civil disobediance crowd had responded in the way they were treated they’d still be sitting at the back of the bus.

      2. James,
        I wonder…. if you are not worried about who’s sleeping with whom, and you consider gay sex to be defined as “perverted” via Webster…. and (I’m just inferring here) you consider this blog to be “pushing an agenda” or perhaps “in your face”…. WHY DO YOU READ IT?

        I am a straight, white woman of very small stature. I have endured my own bullying and abuse by others who felt that my size made me “unnatural” and less than normal. I have friends of every color and denomination, and (when they care to mention it) even those of other sexual orientations. NONE OF THAT HAS ANY BEARING ON WHY I READ AND FOLLOW THIS BLOG.

        I enjoy Mac’s witty writing. I love hearing about the antics of Sniffer, and all the other characters. I find Mac’s viewpoint to be interesting, even when I don’t agree with it. I don’t have to. The fact is that I CHOOSE to read this blog, as apparently do you and Opie and all the other hecklers. If I was offended by what Mac writes, I would CHOOSE NOT TO READ and therefore continue to be offended. That is my right, and yours. It is Mac’s right to write whatever he feels compelled to write. I can assure you… your “insights” are not going to change my opinions, thoughts or feelings about this blog other than perhaps to cause me to stop reading the Comments. As in… I will CHOOSE to stop reading what YOU write.

        So, a lesson in manners: If you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

        Have a blessed day 🙂

        1. You fail to get the point. By definition it is perveted sex. You can try to paint it any way you like. Sexual intercourse involving the appropriate human reproductive organs produces offspring. Anything other than that is a “perversion” of that process. Just because you are unwilling to accept the truth doesn’t make it any less the truth. I don’t appreciate being called a heckler when I’m trying to have a discussuion. It appears that you are just as intolerant of the beliefs of those who disagree with you as he is. But of course. You’re right and everybody else is wrong based upon your rationale. Exactly what is your rationale anyway that makes you think you’re so right and everybody else is wrong?

  4. In the spirit of enlightened discussion, I appreciate the technical definition of ‘perversion’ in that Folgers Crystals is a ‘perversion’ of fresh brewed coffee.

    So society should outlaw Folgers Crystals? And perhaps we should enact legislation that denies equal protection of existing laws to those who enjoy Folgers Crystals?

    1. Agreed. People should not be granted special rights based on lifestyle choices.

      I’ve been campaigning only to let EXISTING laws apply equally to gay and straight people as well as gay and straight couples.

      What special rights are you talking about?

      1. Any that might come along. I assume you’re refering to those laws that govern and apply to married couples, and that those should apply to gay couples. I have no problem with that. You should have the right to be just as miserable as the rest of us.

    2. The flaw in your logic is that you think gay people have a choice.. I supposed you also believe Michelle Bachmans husbands belief that gay people can just pray it away. Being gay is no different than being heterosexual.

  5. Hey Mac! Wanted to say HI!

    James – Just wanted to let you know, Webster’s Dictionary does not have a definition for “homosexual intercourse” as you stated above, thus making your statement false. Second, I am oppressed everyday because of who I am. I have a little pin on my favorite messenger bag that says “I choose to be GAY for all the social benefits it brings”. This means that if I could “CHOOSE” to be a lesbian or a straight woman I obviously would choose to be straight and not have to go through the hell of others discrimination and oppression everyday. But I can’t “choose” who I love. Love is Love, that will never change.

    Back to Mac – Miss ya lots and hopefully we’ll get to catch up more sometime.
    Lots of love,

    1. Thanks Olivia! I love that pin. I’m going to have to track one down. Here’s the reality: Ricky and I live a dream life. So good it’s almost obnoxious. I am so ridiculously gaga over him and he over me that it kind of annoys some of our straight friends.

      We are so incredibly fortunate in that our professions have no issue with gay people, and we’re in the position to 100% chose whom we do and do not associate with.

      Not all gay people have that luxury. And I’m aware it’s a luxury. Too many of our brothers and sisters have to hide in the shadows. I think that’s really sad.

      As I’ve said before, I write this blog to show the young men and women that it’s possible to fall in love and share life with your dream partner, and build a life that includes every possible element that you wish.

      And I do this for parents who are worried after learning their child is gay, that he or she will somehow live a lesser life.

      For what it’s worth, I’ve had pockets stuffed with money, as well as only $9 in my bank account to spend on a birthday gift for my son. Happiness in life is only determined by your personal perception of what’s going on, and surrounding yourself with warm and loving people.

    2. Please check out the definition of perversion Olivia. Yes I’m sure you’re quite suppressed. You live in the freest country in the world. You want for nothing. You can do whatever you want. Try having a gay parade in Saudia arabia or Iran sometime. Or just come out of the closet over there. Then you can tell us how “opppressed” you are. Give me a break! p.s. Only animals do not have the ability to choose. Are you an animal or a human being?

      1. Duh James–a human being IS an animal (as opposed to being a vegetable or mineral). AND homosexuality has been observed in nearly every other species of animals–I believe the count is over 400.

        1. Now you are just trolling.

          Humans scientific classification:
          Kingdom: Animalia
          Phylum: Chordata
          class: Mammalia
          order: Primata
          family: Hominidae
          Genus: Homo
          Species: sapiens

  6. James, I apologize for the delay in my response to your questions.
    You are correct. I DO think I’m right when I say that I choose to read this blog. I also think I’m right when I say that Mac has a right to write about whatsoever his heart desires. If I find it offensive, I will no longer read it. I also think I’m right when I classify you as a heckler. By definition (per the preferred Merriam-Webster’s dictionary)… Heckle: to harass and try to disconcert with questions, challenges and gibes.
    Now you answer my question: why do you read this blog?

  7. Thank you, Maverick! Is there a sub-classification for those humans who exhibit a creepy and unhealthy obsession with the sex lives of others? Or would we go to the DSM for that?

    1. I don’t know about that one, but there is a sub classification that I’m especially fond of:

      Macus fabulus

      aaaaahahahhahahahahahhahah (picture Phyllis Diller cackling at that one) 🙂

  8. Glad you’re back Mac ~ I’ve missed you. And I’m so happy, happy, happy with the results of the election!

  9. To all those who respond to James- 65 years of living have taught me many things, one of them being that when someone regularly reads, then criticizes a column such as The Gay Agenda, they are invariably closeted gays themselves. My heart goes out to them because no only does society discriminate against them, they are self-loathing which has to be the worst form of oppression.

    So my message to James is- Come out already, the water if fine!

    1. BZZZZ. Wrong. Married with children. And who’s criticizing TGA? We’re having a conversation here. Is that what you’ve learned in your 65 years of living? How not to be able to tell the difference between conversation and criticism. People like you say that heterosexuals need to get to know those in the gay community and converse with them so that we can understand where they’re coming from. Is that not what I’m doing? Then you have the nerve to accuse me of criticising TGA. You sure prove the argument for having a double standard lady!

  10. James, Many gay people are married with children because it was easier than having to deal with society as a gay person. I don’t think you are having engaging in conversation or criticism. A person engaging in a conversation listens and clearly you are not listening. You still think it is a choice. So I am not continuing this conversation, although your actions are still typical of a closeted gay man.

  11. James, Being called a gay man is not an insult. The fact that it upsets you so much is one more clue that you are hiding something. By the way, I am not gay. You are right, I don’t know of any research that backs up my experiences. I am simply saying that has been my observation and it has often been public occurrances such as some of the evengelicals, Senator Larry Craig, etc. So once again, you could disagree with the opinions that are put forth on this page and go on your gay way. But the fact that you stick around tells me you have concerns about yourself. But don’t be insulted by it. The more you deny it, the more you are convincing me. Have a wonderful day.

  12. James,

    I have been involved with the struggle for gay rights for most of my adult life. Therefore I enjoy reading Mac’s journal because, as a North Dakota native, I am pleasantly surprised that it is carried by a North Dakota newspaper. I find that quite different than someone sticking around to dispute positions. But you don’t need to explain yourself to me or anyone else. However, I stand by my previous statement that when I have observed this kind of behaviour, it has usually been from someone who is closeted. Oh well, you need to do what is best for you. Good luck.

  13. Oh, oh, we touched a nerve, didn’t we? A friend of ours was 62 years old and had fathered six children with his wife before he came to terms with it and some people never do. So again, you have to do whatever works best for you and your family. Regarding myself, I also took part in civil rights work for African American in the sixites. But that didn’t make me a black person. However, trolling websites for gay people and insisting it is a choice, etc, that behaviour has frequently been done by gay people who simply can’t accept themselves. I, on the other hand, would be honored to be gay- that would certainly put me in good company.

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