You’re pulling my leg

Everyone knows that language is fluid and always evolving. Terminology we now use on a daily basis (e-mail) didn’t exist 30 years ago.

I especially like how pop culture embraces certain words and applies them to all kinds of stuff.

In fact, I’m amazed at how amazing the word amazing is and how it’s amazingly applicable to all kinds of amazing situations.

I don’t care how good it is, I really struggle to believe the restaurant’s evening special is ‘amazing’. It kind of concerns me when the staff is ‘amazed’ the chef was able to prepare something their guests may actually like.

Back in my day, everyone went jogging. We had jogging suits with three white stripes on the sleeves of the jackets and down the sides of the pants. We put great care into selecting just the right jogging shoes. After all that running around, we didn’t have the time or energy to go jogging.

Now people go running. 

Everyone’s a ‘runner’ and they buy ‘running’ gear and go for a ‘run’.

All I ever see is a bunch of people slogging down the sidewalk just like they always have. If I actually saw someone running, I’d wonder if there were some kind of emergency and if I should call 911.

The latest fad word I bumped into is ‘pulled’. Near as I can tell it’s in regard to the way a meat product is made into smaller pieces that we can eat.

Last night Ricky came home with pulled chicken. It was in an amazing Jack Daniels sauce.

It still looked like the same old shredded chicken we’ve been eating for years.

Then I remembered the pot luck we were at a couple of weeks ago. One of the guests brought pulled pork. You could enjoy it as a side dish, or put some on a bun for an amazing sandwich.

It looked like the same old shredded pork we’ve been eating for years.

When I hear the word ‘pulled’ in this regard, all I can picture is a factory filled with people standing by a pile of cooked animal carcasses digging in with their bare hands, ‘pulling’ the meat off the bones and throwing it in a big vat of Jack Daniels bar-b-q sauce to be packaged up for busy suburbanites.

I think I’ll jog over to Sun Mart and pick up a package of shredded chicken for dinner. It will be awesome.

Today’s Gay Agenda: Give me a break. I can’t  rant and complain about the injustices inflicted on gay people when we have this assault on the English language going on.





7 thoughts on “You’re pulling my leg”

  1. I read James Farragut’s column after I wrote this. “At the end of the day” it’s ‘all about’ everyone trying to stay current.

    That’s why i still wear bell bottom pants every opportunity I have.

  2. Then, there is this perfectly good word, “influenced”. It’s been replaced by “informed”. I think that’s what “informed” means, but I’m really not informed about many things.

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