Turkey Talk

Like pretty much every writer out there, we’re all sharing some things that we’re thankful for today and hopefully every day.

Why would I be any different?

Lots of times I write about holidays and the crazy prep we do to make the event totally fabulous. Today we’re getting into sexy SUV with an appetizer and a stash of wine, picking up Peter and going to my mom’s home in a nearby town. Where we’ll gorge on family favorites and talk about which grandmother provided which recipe; how fabulous Ricky’s appetizer was; and how my sister always brings a new recipe and hasn’t had a failure in ever.

I’m thankful that is my reality.

30-35 years ago no one could have every convinced me there was a shred of possibility that could be.

Back then, the same gender attraction was totally confusing and the idea of building a white picket fence life with another guy was considered about as often as I considered vacationing on Mars.

Absolutely never entered my mind.

Yet here it is. And I am truly thankful.

In spite of the snarking and unkind remarks going back and forth, I stand by my original goal of writing TGA (besides feeding my narcissistic tendencies) and that’s to show young men and women who are just starting to figure out who they are that they can have a dream life.

And to reassure parents that having a gay child does not mean they will live a life of isolation. They can totally live the dream, with a white picket fence and greener lawn and cleaner car than anyone on the block.

Now, take a moment and go hug a homo.

Today’s Gay Agenda: Hide the South Beach diet book and go hog wild at grandma’s house.


6 thoughts on “Turkey Talk”

  1. Thank you, Mac! And one of the things I am so thankful for today (and every day) is that I’ve had the privilege of knowing you for most of your life–endearing narcissism and all. Wishing you and Ricky the best of everything–always. 🙂

  2. My family gave thanks yesterday for many things ; after we had eaten our traditional meal we went around the table and told of our thanks for many things. It began with thanks for the Word of God which we all honor in this household. It continued with thanks for each other and our family which loves each other so much. Thanks for the school my granddaughter attends part time and the class in which she is learning so much (college level) Thanks for being able to be whole and healthy and able to physically do things each day, often things we take for granted (or take for granite as one wag says) A grandson wiped tears away as he though of people who cannot do these things. Our guest reminded us of poet Baxter Black who told on MPR of his family’s setting small toy soldiers on their Thanksgiving table to remind them to be thankful for those who serve our nation in the military and give us our freedoms and the liberty which we treasure so much…those little soliders are a reminder of who guarantees those freedoms for all of us.
    It is a time (our own expressions of thanksgiving) that made our day together so special.
    In spite of wind driven snow later in the day and falling temperatures we were warm and joyful and thankful. It was a day of true Thanksgiving.

  3. Mac – I sincerely hope that you had a wonderful day.. I am thankful that my friend Mike’s father showed up to my invite today to put flowers at his sons grave. I am thankful that his heart has started to thaw and that he realizes that he has regrets about not accepting his son for who he was. Most of all I am thankful that Mike was part of my life, and was able to turn this previous homophobe into someone who now believes that all people deserve respect.

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