Over the River and through the Woods

For some reason, it doesn’t seem to matter what the circumstances; at this time of year people almost always revert to traditions and rituals they’ve held for a lifetime.

A big challenge can often be when two households or families merge and how to navigate what holidays will now look like, and how that can possibly blend with what they used to look like.

Other than the fact that our lawn is greener, our cars are cleaner, and are parties are pretty darn close to fabulous, Ricky and I have a pretty traditional suburban blended family holiday tradition that blended together almost effortlessly.

We always start Christmas Eve with a couple hours in each of our offices to attend to last minute details so we can put our minds at ease. I’ll be at this until about 4 p.m.

My son is a church musician and we always attend his Christmas Eve service at his very, very conservative congregation. Although we know we’d never fit in, and know the only reason we’d ever join is to make some type of stupid statement, Peter’s dad and his partner are treated with nothing but the warmth and kindness that too many people of faith seem to have forgotten about.

Then it’s off to my mother’s in a neighboring town where we’ll eat family favorites. I’ll get somewhat queasy from not being used to such rich food.


We’ll open gifts, have a glass of wine and gossip and eventually make our way back to Fargo.

Christmas morning we go to Nana’s house (the mother of Ricky’s children) for rolls, juice/coffee/tea and gift opening with the grandchildren.


Tomorrow the group will pack up and come to our house for noon dinner as Nana makes her way to the airport to visit her aging parents on the coast.

Christmas Night, Ricky and I will take down our fresh tree in preparation for leaving for Boca in the morning. We’ll review the checklist with our house sitter and call it an early night so we can be on the road for Minneapolis bright and early Wednesday morning.


Why the boring details? As I all too often say, there’s this stereotype that gays live this life of debauchery and decadence. That we have this goal of dismantelling American society and turning it into something else. That we want to redefine and change marriage for everyone. And that we’re on the prowl to convert youth to our sinful ways.

Not so much.

When allowed, we chose to live a pretty white-bread American pie type life. And I wouldn’t change any part of it for a 5 carat Tiffany diamond and a brand new Bentley.


Although if there was a Bentley involved, I could make some slight alterations.

Today’s Gay Agenda: Wishing you and all you love the best Christmas ever.

8 thoughts on “Over the River and through the Woods”

  1. Hey squirrel, got my new years’ resolution ready to go! Busy at work or not I vow to educate you until you fully comprehend your inadequate and uninformed vision of the world. Happy New Years!

    1. Thanks Opie. Whenever you disappear for a few weeks, I worry that your mom has taken away your internet priveledges or you’ve had an other parole violation.

      Thanks for your committment to my improvement. Ricky and i are in Bocca for a couple of weeks, and just today got internet access at home. Fear not, I”ll be back at it real soon. 🙂

    1. Thanks Laura. I’ve been in Boca working like a crazy man for two weeks to get this house on the vacation rental market. I think I’m going to make it. Ricky went back to Fargo yesterday, and Sniffer and I travel Tuesday morning. Yes, I am now that old many with a fluffy white dog in a purse at the airport. Sigh . . . . . .

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