I wanna be just like them!

So, like all good middle-aged Americans, I keep up on facebook. It’s a great tool for staying connected to old friends and seldom seen family; a way to build a personal brand in consulting world; and most importantly a way to spy on adult children to see what they’re really up to.

Whenever there’s any major news or political event, posters start popping up expressing people’s point of view. Last fall in an attempt to keep all my friends and minimize anxiety, I refrained from nearly ALL political and social commentary.

This morning, a dear family friend posted this message on her page, and I’m trying to decide if I should ask a question directly, or just let it slide . . . .



Now I’m not saying any of this is necessarily untrue. But seriously? The answer to our immigration ‘problem’ is to become more like North Korea? Or Afghanistan? Or Iran?

Are you kidding me?

While there’s little doubt there are innumerable illegal immigrants taking advantage of ‘the system’ I think the drain they place on society pales in comparisson to the corporate welfare ‘the system’ provides. (hint: smart guys ALWAYS find a way to make major money. even if their corporate welfare is curbed. trust me)

Same goes for those pesky welfare recipients driving their Rolls Royces and vacationing at their condos in The Caymans. I think anyone who envys or resents a public assistance recipient needs to spend a little time examining their own life, and maybe try to find a way to make theirs better without taking someone else’s away.

And again, grow up. There will always be people taking advantage of ‘the system.’

I read an interesting bumper sticker the other day . . . “In the 30 seconds you spent complaining about the Snicker bar someone purchased with food stamps, Exxon pocketed $7,000 in taxpayer subsidy.”

Today’s Gay Agenda: Seldom do I have an answer for social or political issues, but I’m pretty good at identifying NON answers. And in every instance imaginable, I’m confident the answer is NOT in emulating the behavior of bad people.



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