It all ads up

On the morning news shows, there was a story about an upcoming NRA ad that’s playing on youtube. It seemed so outrageous I was pretty sure my espresso hadn’t kicked in when I saw it, so I looked it up.

Here it is:

Upcoming NRA Ad

One of my resolutions for 2013 is to no longer argue with idiots. It wastes my time and annoys the idiots.

But I cannot let this one pass. To the NRA I would say:

Yes, the President’s children are more important than my children when it comes to being the focused targets of crazy people out to kill them, as well as other unsavory individuals with specific agendas willing to kill the President’s children to achieve their goals.

Furthermore, to my knowledge none of the mass killings that have taken place (save for possibly the Arizona massacre) appeared to have a specific individual or individuals in mind. Common sense would dictate that the President’s children would be specifically sought out to be harmed.

So knock it off.

NRA, your message will resonate with backwoods hillbillies, fortunately those folks have minimal influence on public policy.

And to the state of New York and the President I would say, thank you for standing up and walking the very fine line between protecting society’s right to live without fear; and the gun hobbyist right to collect and own exotic firearms.

Today’s Gay Agenda: It’s been really tough to come up with content on gay rights issues when civilized society is worried if their children are going to make it through the school day.


One thought on “It all ads up”

  1. This is NRA’s latest, vilest effort to protect its overloads from sensible regulation.

    The NRA assumes that, because the President’s kids have a Secret Service protective detail, that all American schools deserve armed guards. After all, fair is fair, right?

    It might be, if every American kid was threatened by foreign and domestic kooks looking to make a name for themselves. It might be, if kidnap or injury to every American kid threatened to bring the nation’s executive branch to a halt. It might be if every American with a gun went through the same background criminal check, family and friend background check regular psychological evaluation, licensing, supervision, training and retraining that a Secret Service agent undergoes as a daily part of their job.

    The NRA engages in argumentation by false equivalency. Unfortunately, some will be persuaded feel supported by this crap.

    Oh, and Obama is an elitist. And he’s Black. Just in case you haven’t heard. The ad also points that out.

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