Go Scouts!

It seems the past years there are fewer and fewer things in life that are ‘firsts’ any more and even fewer things that all-out surprise me.

This story would most definitely be one of them.

Boy Scouts considering discontinuing ban on gays

Ricky is an Eagle Scout. He was one of the Eagle Scouts who seriously considered returning his designation because of the Scouts very vocal anti-gay stance these past years.

I did my best to convince him otherwise, and I think part of what may have made him change his mind was that when he began his time with the Scouts, he had no idea he was gay. It was only much later in life he figured out that part.

The lessons of commitment, integrity, honor and respect are valuable to every young man and woman; whether or not they turn out to be gay.

Of course there’s going to cries of outrage from the pedophilia crowd, and the homos trying to convert little boys crowd, and the general hate mongers with a Bible in their hand. And probably even the ‘what next? are we going to allow people to marry their goat!’ crowd.


Today’s Gay Agenda: Nice job Scouts. I’m glad to see the message of character and integrity has not been lost on your senior leadership.


21 thoughts on “Go Scouts!”

  1. How’s the demise of the US military coming along? Why, if I didn’t know better I’d think you’d slipped into one of our world domination strategy meetings!

    Seriously? you think it’s out of line for gay people to resent Christians ‘counseling’ them on their sexuality?

    As I recall, you had a very high level of resentment toward my unsolicited marital advice a while back.

    Double standard, thy name is James.

  2. Ah yes, nothing says fine Christian values like the threat of physical violence.

    For the record, I’m all about double standards. Don’t you think I love the fact I’m a rich, educated white guy?

    As soon as the gays can execute our master plan I’ll have total world domination!!!!

    Are you sure you didn’t slip into one of our planning sessions?

  3. I admit, I don’t check in on Fox News as much as I should. I just did a search on their site for gays in the military, expecting all kinds of examples of the horrors befalling our servicemen and women since DADT was struck down.

    Guess what?


    Regarding Folsom street fair. Seriously?

    Yeah, that’s gay life, just like the Playboy Mansion is straight life. Knock it off, you’re smarter than that.

  4. No witty comeback. No defense. You win. Congrats. You figured it out.

    All gay people rape little boys and fly to San Fran every chance we get so we can walk down the street naked. Our goal is to turn everyone fag and end the human race in the next generation.

    You’re really smart James!

  5. Zzzzzzz.

    Let’s revisit a previous conversation . . . I’ll make a thousand dollar contribution to MY favorite charity if you show me one credible example of how the demise of DADT harmed the US military.

    Oh, I do applaud the parents who will make their children leave the scouting organization because there might be a fag there.

    Always best to punish the kids, dontcha think?

    Respond to the DADT comment. Otherwise, you are a bore and a waste of my time.

  6. Sweetie, I pledged a thousand dollars to my favorite charity if you could demonstrate one credible example of how the demise of DADT harmed the military.

    Blah Blah Blah.

    I really don’t give a rat’s ass if those parents choose to remove their kids from a great organization like the Scouts because a homo might be there.

    (psssst. homos have been there all along!)

  7. Cool, so this means, as a straight male, I can go on overnight camping trips with some girl scouts? Maybe even shower with them and sleep in the same cabin or tent? I promise I can control myself. Same difference, right? Or as a parent one might be uncomfortable with that? We must be CRAZY to be worried about that situation!!!!! Exactly. – An Eagle Scout.

  8. Your facts are so wrong. As an Eagle Scout and father of a cub scout I can give you first hand knowledge of the adult child permissions in BSA. An adult is not allowed to be alone with a child unless it’s his own. Otherwise there has to be a minimum of two adults with a child at any given time and no adult is allowed to be in the same tent as a child EVER!

    Would there be some (people) who would pull their children, sure. The intollerant ones who are afraid to teach children the everyone is created equal and deserves to be treated with respect, at least until they do something to take that respect away. Being attracted to the same gender is not the act that should do that by the way.

    There is a lot that can be learned by being willing to look at what each person has to offer and learning from that person. This can even be learning from a person’s negative attributes and ensuring that you don’t emulate them yourself.

  9. seriously…. “indoctrinated”… you think it is a Club or something??.. please educate yourself and then make comments-your (incredible) ignorance is showing and definitely doesn’t help your point.

  10. James,
    I guess you have never looked at Hustler then? I googled Folsom on your behest, and honestly there wasn’t anything worse there then what I saw in Hustler as a lad.. I’ll never forgot the first dirty sanchez I saw in that magazine. Is that the wholesome heterosexual culture you’re rambling about?

  11. I was a Brownie and a Girl Scout for many years. Not once did our adult troop leaders shower with us or share sleeping quarters. Like the majority of sexual abuse victims, my molestation was at the hands of someone I knew and occurred in my own home. He was a married man. Also, I have a dear friend who is a lesbian. I’ve attended many gatherings, celebrations, parties at the home she shares with her partner. Maybe it’s just me, but not a one of the lesbians in that circle of friends has ever put the moves on me.

    I am so tired of people who substitute their opinions and feelings for facts. Educate yourself before posting your rants. Lastly, I couldn’t disagree more ~ We ARE created equal, every human being deserves respect simply because like you and I, they are children of God. Thumbs up to the Boy Scouts for finally making an educated, thoughtful decision.

    1. Laura, thanks for sharing your experience. I’m sorry that you had that horrible experience. It seems to me that I’ve read the vast majority of child abuse is at the hands of someone the family knows and trusts. And most is done by men who consider themselves straight.

      I’ve always found it curious that so many argue gays must be quarantined from children because they’ll be unable to control themselves, yet no one ever argues that straight men should be quarantined because they’d be unable to control themselves. That makes no sense.

      As you mentioned regarding attending a friend’s party, gay reality is much more bland than the sensationized images out there. As my tag line says, we’re pretty much like everyone else, it’s just we have cleaner cars and greener lawns. Oh, I dress better than most straight men.

  12. James – I’m a vet. I was in a front line medical unit. I have been to war. I knew the guys that were in the closet. Everyone knew, some had an issue with it back when I was in.. Most of us didn’t. You know why??? Because they did their flipping jobs and they did it like EVERYONE ELSE… and they did it damn well.. I know of many soldiers that owe their lives to a gay serviceman.

    So those uptight front line combat guys that used to line up in a 20 man gang bang for one chick that are telling you ‘It will be bad for unit cohesion’… Ask them if they knew that half of the medics that worked on them were gay.. Seriously. Not one of them would have even had a clue.

    1. What’s interesting Maverick, is that I come from a military family and a family with a few Eagle Scouts (partner, cousin, Uncle)

      All of them roll their eyes at the fuss that’s being made by people with almost no association with these organizations.

      1. Mac,
        I continue to roll my eyes and /facepalm at people who are stuck in the virtual dark ages on this topic. But I guess the bigots always need a to beat.

        However I do have something that will hopefully make you smile. I saw this a while back (before the elections) and I keep on forgetting to share it with you.. Hope you enjoy.


        I wonder if this is what James and Opie are worried about???

  13. Thanks Mac. I grow so weary of trying to educate hate filled angry people, but try we must. Keep up the good fight ; ),

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